Review: Mero Mero (Kent St, Sydney CBD)

This post will be short but not sweet. I was really excited when I saw there was a new salad place very close to my office. Even more excited when I saw long queues of hungry workers every day at lunchtime.

This place has a similar concept to Salad Works and Sumo Salad offering a variety of signature salads but also the ability to build your own.

They also have sandwiches and a few soups available, including a Peruvian spicy chicken soup that sparked my curiosity.

But it was way too hot for soup and it was a protein fasting day, so I went the salad route. I chose a bed of spinach plus roasted capsicum, roasted pumpkin, grilled eggplant, mushrooms, olives and 2 servings of avocado (extra 50 cents each), with olive oil and lemon juice as dressing. Sebastian ordered a Thai beef salad. Both salads were bland and underwhelming. I also had an okay long black ($3).

Thai beef salad ($12), custom-made salad ($9 + $1 for 2 servings of avocado)

Mero Mero (Kent St)
Tenancy 2, 222-240 Kent St
Sydney NSW 2000
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7 thoughts on “Review: Mero Mero (Kent St, Sydney CBD)

  1. Unappetising looking salads. Shame :( They don’t even pack the boxes! I remember back in my days of regularly ordering custom Sumo salads, they’d always pack the boxes really compact, to the point where the box was actually bursting itself open lol. Loved it.

  2. The Mero Mero at Town Hall and Pitt St Mall are fantastic and my favourite places to go for salad. I tried the one on Kent street and agree that the servings are a lot smaller, they add too much sauce and the portions of things added are not right ie too much meat for the amount of vegetables.

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