Review: Kerasma Souvlaki Merchant (Newtown)

The renovations in the Newtown train station have created an interesting commercial strip. People have shown a lot of interest for Cuckoo Callay and the Thai Pothong takeaway outlet, but the place I looked forward to the most was Kerasma Souvlaki Merchant. We tried it as soon as I noticed they were finally open.

You can choose to order a “combo” as a wrap, plate, pocket or gluten-free wrap, with your choice of souvlaki (meat or vegetables), salad and dip/pickles. Or you can order items individually, which is what we were advised to do to make the sharing business easier. Everything (except the breads and regular wraps) is gluten-free.

The meats and salads displays give the place a takeaway feel that is balanced out by the nice crockery and table “implements”.

The three of us ordered three meats (pork, lamb, chicken), two salads (Greek, cabbage) plus two dips (tahini, sweet potato skordalia) and olives (dips and olives normally served with bread).

All meats have the same herb seasoning and come with a lemon wedge. Perhaps they were not super tender and the portions were not that big, but all of them were really tasty and I’d be hard-pressed to name a favourite. Although we didn’t hesitate in choosing lamb as a fourth serving of meat.

Pork souvlaki ($7.50)

Lamb souvlaki ($8.50)

Chicken souvlaki ($7.50)

The olives, marinated with thyme, rosemary, garlic, preserved lemon and fruity olive oil, were beyond delicious. We got a few extra instead of bread. Both dips were very flavoursome, too, although the tahini one went better with the meats.

Dips, olives ($6)

Both salads were simple, fresh and nicely seasoned.

Greek salad ($7)

Cabbage salad ($7)

Kerasma Souvlaki Merchant
Retail 2 / 324A King St
Newtown NSW 2042

Service was very good and, although it wasn’t cheap as chips, it was good value for the tasty food.

Kerasma Souvlaki on Urbanspoon

4 thoughts on “Review: Kerasma Souvlaki Merchant (Newtown)

  1. We went there last week and the food was absolutely delicious. The service was also great.

    Can’t wait to go back again!!!

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