Review: Saigon Corner (Newtown)

What used to be Sole Espresso, next to Foodworks and Fitness First, is now Saigon Corner a Vietnamese cafe. Not a Vietnamese-style cafe, but a place that serves both Vietnamese (labelled Asian) and regular cafe food.

Bonnie and I went for lunch on a hot Sunday afternoon. We chose from the Asian menu, with gluten- and dairy-free options. First, we had Vietnamese rice paper rolls with chicken, which had been recommended by a friend. They were super fresh and tasty. We didn’t try the sauce but the rolls didn’t need any, IMO.

Vietnamese rice paper rolls with chicken ($6)

Next we had the Saigon Corner special salad with Asian pickle, mint, peanut, dried shallot & ginger fish sauce. It costs $12.90 and you can choose from beef, chicken, prawns, fish or vegetables, but we paid a bit more for have both beef and prawns. The salad was huge and very tasty.

Saigon Corner special salad – beef & prawns ($15)

Very good value for fresh and tasty Vietnamese food, served by super friendly staff. Good alternative for a once-in-a-while whack of rice and peanuts.

Saigon Corner
330 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9516 3333

Saigon Corner on Urbanspoon

4 thoughts on “Review: Saigon Corner (Newtown)

  1. Have been eating homemade rice paper rolls all weekend! The special salad doesn’t look very Vietnamese to me but I think I’m just looking for the nuoc cham!

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