Feed Me – Real Food Co.

I’m excited to spread the word about a new paleo meal service operating in the CBD: Feed Me – Real Food Co..

From their website:

“Feed Me – Real Food Co. is a weekly pre-made meal service, based in Sydney CBD. We specialise in cooking tasty, nutritionally balanced meals and snacks, made with chemical-free produce, free-range, grass-fed meats and high quality ingredients. All our meals are gluten and grain free with absolutely no artificial ingredients or preservatives used.”

Since this is a brand new business I haven’t had the opportunity of ordering from them yet but I’ve known the owners for a while and I’ve eaten their food before. I cook most of our food because a) I like to know exactly what goes in it, b) it tastes great (that’s my taste buds talking, not my ego). Let me tell you, these ladies make food I would happily eat every day instead of my own: delicious and made with high quality ingredients.

I’ll be away for a few weeks but will post a review after that. In the meantime, please check out their website and like them on Facebook. Help spread the just eat real food message around.

Feed Me – Real Food Co.
Level 1, 17 – 19 Bridge St
Sydney NSW 2000
0422 443 933
On Facebook

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