Review: Paleo Cafe (Bondi Junction) (2)

My second visit to Paleo Cafe was a Sunday family breakfast. We started with some drinks: a green detox juice (celery, cucumber, kale, kiwi and lime) for me, a long black for Gladys and an iced coffee (made with CocoLuscious ice cream) for Alvaro. Didn’t get to try the hot coffee but both the juice and the iced coffee were great.

Green detox ($7)

Long black ($3.50)

Iced coffee ($7.50)

Alvaro also got one of the treats from the counter to share while we waited for our meals to be served.

Treat ($3?)

Needless to say, the breakfast menu here is the complete opposite to the norm. Usually there are just one or two paleo-friendly options but here we were spoilt for choice. If only we had bigger stomachs (or a larger family). We ordered three dishes to share. First, the zucchini & kale fritters, served with crispy bacon strips and sweet chilli onion jam. These were taller and fluffier than regular fritters (not complaining!), delicious especially when paired with the bacon and the jam.

Zucchini & Kale Fritters ($12)

Next we ate the caveman’s big breakfast: free range eggs cooked to your liking (we had them poached), served with sirloin steak, crispy bacon, pork sausage, wild mushrooms, roast cherry tomato, red onion and spinach on Paleo toast with Paleo tomato sauce. It sounds huge and it is indeed big and filling, but not humongous. The mushrooms were a bit watery but overall it was a great brekkie dish.

Caveman’s Big Breakfast ($20)

Finally we had the breakfast special: banana bread French toast & bacon, served with banana & maple syrup. Great stuff, but it would be too sweet to have a whole serving for breakfast IMO.

Breakfast special ($16)

On a second breakfast visit I had half of a breakfast fritatta that was great. “Containing” the egg mixture in bacon is a great idea that I may copy just to use my abandoned muffin trays.

Breakfast fritatta ($4.50)

My “real” breakfast was double smoked bacon and free range eggs served with spinach and a sweet potato rosti, plus Hollandaise sauce on the side. Great bacon, perfectly poached eggs, great sauce and nicely flavoured sweet potato rosti.

Double smoked bacon and free range eggs ($16 + $0.50 for the Hollandaise sauce)

Bonnie ordered something totally different to her usual breakfast fare: banana pancakes served with berry compote and whipped coconut cream, with a side of bacon. Yeah, really. The serving was massive and the whole thing was delicious, except that was way too much sugar for someone who doesn’t eat a conventional diet. Probably best for sharing between a few people or after a very demanding workout.

Banana pancakes ($13 + $4 for the double smoked bacon)

Paleo Cafe
Shop 5, 310-330 Oxford St
Bondi Junction NSW 2022
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