Review: Paleo Cafe (Bondi Junction)

Paleo Cafe finally has opened a shop in Sydney! The franchise originated in Cairns and is growing rather quickly, for a non-mainstream chain.

This and other similar cafes make it easy for people who find it challenging to choose paleo options when eating out.

Paleo Cafe

Apart from food to eat in, they also sell pantry products (nut flours, coconut products, bars, etc.), books, sweet treats, takeaway meals, coconut ice cream, etc.

Pantry products

Flours, biltong, etc.



Chilled products

The first time I went for lunch with my friends Bonnie and Vicky. We kicked things off with almond milk lattes.

Almond milk latte

Latte ($3.50 + $0.75 for the almond milk)

Almond milk latte

Latte ($3.50 + $0.75 for the almond milk)

There’s a board with drink specials that sound great (yes, they make Bulletproof coffee) but I was saving stomach room for the food.

Drinks specials

Vicky had the pistachio & coconut crusted ocean fish, served with seasonal greens and chilli capsicum jam.

Pistachio & coconut crusted ocean fish

Pistachio & coconut crusted ocean fish ($20)

Bonnie and I shared the fish and the slow roasted pork belly, served with roast root vegetables, green beans, baked apple and a sage and balsamic glaze. The fish was nice, although a bit bland. Nothing that couldn’t be fixed with the tasty jam. The pork belly was definitely our favourite. The meat was perfectly seasoned and cooked, and the dish as a whole worked perfectly.

Slow roasted pork belly

Slow roasted pork belly ($18)

We also shared a serve of sweet potato chips with lemon aioli. Now, from what I understand, these chips are baked and not deep-fried (also obviously not coated in flour) so they’re not crunchy. I think they make the aioli with olive oil, which makes it thinner than commercial mayonnaise-based sauces (which usually contain thickeners) so it’s on the thin side as well. Having said that, the fries were great.

Sweet potato chips with lemon aioli

Sweet potato chips with lemon aioli ($5)

Finally, we shared a slice of orange-almond cake and a couple of dark chocolate truffles. The cake was moist and dense, not too sweet and very citrusy. The truffles were very nice, too. The sweets disappeared before I could take a photo, so I don’t need to say how good they were.

Paleo Cafe
Shop 5, 310-330 Oxford St
Bondi Junction NSW 2022
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4 thoughts on “Review: Paleo Cafe (Bondi Junction)

  1. Have always wondered why there weren’t more paleo cafes around Sydney yet. Will be interesting to see how many more pop up!

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