Sydney food bloggers Xmas picnic 2013

It’s that time of the year again! My third Sydney food bloggers picnic (Xmas 2010 and 2012 were the previous ones, I missed Xmas 2012) happened a few Saturdays ago in our usual spot in Centennial Park.

The most amazing thing about it this year was the weather. We had had a few storms the previous days. The weather was very unstable, with bouts of sunshine and menacing clouds. Around midday some bloggers in the West started reporting thunder. The storm was moving towards the East (i.e., the picnic venue) but the organisers Helen and Suze twitted the picnic was still on, and that they were getting tents from Bunnings. In the end the storm eased out and we had a gorgeous picnic day. Amazing.

But let me go back a little bit. I was about to leave when things got worse in the Inner West. I decided not to go. Checked Twitter again and saw the second most amazing thing about this year’s picnic: a photo of Mr Crackles donation for the picnic: a giant box of crackling. 25 kg of crackling. I grabbed my rain jacket, dish to share, and left.




Using crackling as tray

The food was abundant and amazing as usual. Each blogger is supposed to bring a little something to share, and most of us overdo it. For example, I brought a full batch of my crustless morcilla & kale quiche, that is enough for 4-5 days of breakfasts for 2 people.






For people who think it’s impossible to eat paleo, let me tell you I left the picnic absolutely stuffed from all the gorgeous food I could eat. Besides my quiche and my bodyweight in crackling, I enjoyed pulled lamb with mint sauce, hot wings, antipasto skewers, dark chocolate truffles, fruit skewers and lemper, banana leaf-wrapped glutinous rice with a chicken & coconut filling that was delicious (and yes, not strictly paleo).

Pulled lamb with mint sauce

Hot wings

Dark chocolate truffles

Fruit skewers

Last lemper

I also enjoyed a few of Simon’s cocktails and some homemade ginger drink.

Simon making cocktails

Homemade drinks

We played the traditional Kris Kringle which is always great fun.

Kris Kringle presents

“We” (thanks Simon!) also shot the traditional group photo, this time all facing the camera (yay!)


Once again, thanks to Helen and Suze for organising yet another great picnic!

4 thoughts on “Sydney food bloggers Xmas picnic 2013

  1. Love how it’s like “spot the crackling” in the first handful of photos hahah shame I didn’t end up going. Would have been lovely to have met you!

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