Review: The Meat & Wine Co. (Darling Harbour)

My friend from uni and his wife came all the way from Spain, where they now live, to see the koalas and the Great Barrier Reef. I met them for lunch the day they arrived to Sydney. In spite of the time difference, the long flight and the inability to check in the hotel until 2 pm, they were happy to wander around Darling Harbour, snapping some pictures in the surprisingly sunny weather.

I had a few (dozen) restaurants in mind where to take them but felt guilty for force-feeding them at an unnatural time for them (lunch time in Spain is around 4 pm), so asked them what they felt like eating. Sara thought steak would be a safe bet, and so I played a card that wasn’t originally in my deck: The Meat & Wine Co.

I had forgotten they had kangaroo in the menu, and immediately thought it would be a nice thing for them to try. The fillet comes seasoned with bush spices, char-grilled, and served with Desirée potatoes in a sage and wild herb salt crust, tomato chutney and crispy onion rings. In the beginning Micky said he felt sorry for the cute little creature but he did find it very tasty.


Kangaroo ($34)

Sara had the flame-grilled beef fillet skewers, marinated in sherry vinegar and herbs, and served with mash. I was told it was as good as it looked.

Flame-grilled beef fillet skewers with mash

Flame-grilled beef fillet skewers with mash ($33)

I had the Monte free range, pasture-fed 120 days eye of rump (200g), served with mash, plus a garden salad. The steak was good, the mash was one of the best I’ve had in Sydney, and the salad was nice.

Pasture-fed eye of rump 200g

Eye of rump 200g ($25)

Garden salad

Garden salad ($6)

The Meat & Wine Co, Darling Harbour
Level 1, IMAX Theatre Complex
31 Wheat Rd
Darling Harbour NSW 2000
(02) 9211 9888

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4 thoughts on “Review: The Meat & Wine Co. (Darling Harbour)

  1. You’re right, that mash looks fantastic…..nice, creamy and whippy :)

    How was the kangaroo? I’ve tried it a few times and can’t get the taste for it……and I find it very tough. The skewers look good……

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