Review: La Boheme (Glebe) (2)

Not long after my birthday dinner we came back to La Boheme, this time with the paleo peeps. We were there on a Tuesday and enjoyed a 20% discount on dishes ordered from the Tour of Europe section of the menu.

Again we ordered pork and duck, although I made sure they were different dishes this time. My original suspicion that dishes are not that different from each other was confirmed. Not that it’s a bad thing!

The confit leg of duck with sweet potato purée & spicy pear chutney was, to be honest, more like a fried duck leg than a confit. It wasn’t bad, but not what I was expecting. The sides were nice. A very starch- and sugar-loaded meal to be in the “Salads & Light Meals” section of the menu.

Duck confit

Confit leg of duck ($31.90)

The Czech slowly roasted pork knuckle with cracklings, rye bread, mustard & horseradish was epic. The gluten-free version of the dish comes with GF bread, but we swapped it for sauerkraut. The knuckle (essentially the same knuckle we had last time, but with different sides) was huge and went great with the mustard and horseradish. I would have this again (and again).

Czech roasted pork knuckle

Czech slowly roasted pork knuckle ($25.90 regular price)

La Boheme
Stonemason’s Cottage
199 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037
(02) 9660 5639

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