Review: Coco Nuts (Sydney CBD)

A heads-up for people who work in the CBD: you can now buy fresh coconuts and “clean” treats at Coco Nuts. The clever guy who owns it has set up shop in the kiosk located on Martin Place and Pitt St.

Fresh coconuts

Fresh coconuts ($4)

Coconuts are $4. Yes, they’re cheaper at supermarkets, but these are sold chilled and ready to be consumed, i.e., with a hole and a straw. If you’ve never tried one, the water is delicious and a great source of electrolytes, and the flesh is soft and sweet.

Coconut man

Coconut man

The treats, from WellnessByTess are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free. They’re made with nuts, seeds, dried fruit, etc. Awesome! I asked for the least sweet and got recommended the superfood energy ball. The only reason I wouldn’t buy it again is that it had carob, and I’m not a big fan of its flavour. Otherwise it’s good stuff.


WellnessByTess balls ($3.50) and bars ($4)

Coco Nuts
Kiosk on Pitt St and Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000

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