Food for thought: Change

Hi there. I’m introducing a new section in the blog called Food for thought. Not very creative, I know, but it does describe what I’ll be attempting to share here: all those things that occupy my mind and do not fall into the “regular” food categories that already exist in the blog.

Topics you can expect to find here are: science, nutrition, Buddhism, training, rants, etc. Most of the time they won’t make any sense, so feel free to skip them and wait for the next restaurant review. I’ll try to keep posts as brief as I can to avoid being boring and also taking too long to write them.

On to today’s post: change. The motivational speaker that is buried deep down inside me always says that changes should be embraced as opportunities for improvement. In reality, I’m as uncomfortable (maybe even scared) when faced with change as everyone else. We like to think our lives are pretty stable but the truth is that change is the norm, not the exception. Chaos theory. Entropy. Every cell in our bodies gets replaced every 7-10 years. In Buddhism we talk a lot about impermanence and we meditate to be less attached to what we typically value as important – work, money, friends, family – but that unfortunately will not stay in its current state forever. By dissolving attachment to everything impermanent, we can get to enjoy lasting happiness.

Change is good. The theory of evolution and natural selection tells us that the stresses species face allow them to become fitter. This concept also applies to tiny things (induced mutagenesis in microorganisms) and medium things (the human body). If you do one activity only, you become better at it, more efficient. That means you require fewer resources to accomplish the same goal. For example, if you look at burning calories, getting efficient means you’ll burn less for the same amount of effort. Crap! This is where the concepts of cross-training, Crossfit, volume/load cycling, etc., come from. The aim is to keep the body guessing, so that it is forced to adapt to new circumstances, and thus get fitter/faster/stronger.

I’ve been going to the same gym for 4 years. It’s cheap, close to home, it has the basic stuff, and people are nice. I’ve been doing roughly the same things (some weights, some boxing, some yoga), although I’ve been cautious to vary my lifting program every few months. I now have the opportunity to stir things up because my membership is about to expire and we need to move houses soon to an unknown location. If I renew now I get a juicy discount, but we might end up living too far away. If I don’t renew and we end up living nearby, I will lose the discount. So it’s not just the change aspect playing a role here, it’s also my “third world”/”brainwashed by marketing” mentality that doesn’t want to miss out on the discount. I’ve decided to let it go and see what happens, as I think I’ll get much more from the change of circumstances.

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