Review: La Boheme (Glebe)

For the main event on my birthday this year I trusted the recommendation of a paleo foodie friend. She had mentioned that not only the food in La Boheme was great but also that they very good with addressing the gluten-free situation. That was certainly my experience when I contacted them via email and phone.

As I general rule I avoid broad-spectrum menus under the premise that too much ambition can lead to lower quality, however this was not the case with La Boheme’s European menu. Apart from “generic European” menu items, there are some dishes grouped under their country of origin: Austria, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Germany, and Slovakia. Granted, some of the dishes sound pretty similar but there is some variability, at least in the sides.

All dishes that can be made gluten-free are clearly labelled in the menu. Generally, this involves swapping the sides for your choice of veggies or potatoes. Our waitress knew the menu really well, including which items contained potential allergens.

A bunch of us got started with French Snails in almond & garlic butter. They offer chargrilled toast as an option at $2 extra. While gluten-free was an option, we decided to skip it and enjoyed the delicious buttery snails on their own.

French snails in almond & garlic butter

French snails in almond & garlic butter ($24.90 for 1 dozen)

On the other side of the table the starter was house made duck liver pate topped with pear chutney & duck fat, served with rye bread & rosemary crissini, which was apparently very good because it didn’t take long to vanish.

House made Duck Liver Pate

House made Duck Liver Pate ($14.90)

Alvaro and I shared our meals as usual. First, the Czech golden roasted duck with red cabbage, sauerkraut, mix dumplings & gravy. It comes in two sizes – we ordered ½ duck and got roasted vegetables instead of the dumplings. The duck was fantastic, crispy indeed and very tasty. The veggies were alright, the cabbage and sauerkraut a bit better.

Crispy roasted duck

Golden roasted duck ($22.90 for ¼, $29.90 for ½)

Our second dish was the German crispy roasted pork knuckle served with sauerkraut, mash potato & gravy. The serving was even bigger than the duck but it was delicious and we managed to finish it. The mash was pretty bland, though.

Crispy roasted pork knuckle

Crispy roasted pork knuckle ($29.90)

I didn’t get to try other people’s dishes because we were busy tucking in our own massive meals but all dishes looked fantastic and I didn’t hear any complains.

Austrian crispy roasted pork belly served with red cabbage & spinach dumplings (replaced with potatoes).

Crispy roasted pork belly

Crispy roasted pork belly ($25.90)

Confit leg of duck with sweet potato puree & spicy pear chutney.

Confit leg of duck

Confit leg of duck ($31.90)

300g Angus rump steak topped with a king prawn and served with French fries, mushroom & onion gravy.

300g Angus rump steak

300g Angus rump steak ($31.90)

Belgian slowly roasted pork knuckle with cracklings, rye bread (skipped), mustard & horseradish.

Slowly roasted pork knuckle

Slowly roasted pork knuckle ($25.90)

Chargrilled salmon fillet served on blue lentil, five beans & roasted peppers salad.

Chargrilled salmon fillet

Chargrilled salmon fillet ($29.90)

As usual I made a paleo birthday cake, this time a chocolate and hazelnut cake (recipe here, with maple syrup instead of sugar) with chocolate hazelnut spread (recipe here), served with cider poached pears (recipe here).

Birthday cake

Birthday cake

La Boheme
Stonemason’s Cottage
199 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037
(02) 9660 5639

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