Review: Wagaya Tapas (Newtown) (2)

After a family lunch in Wagaya Tapas we decided we had to come back to try the much larger dinner menu. My sister recently got a new job (congrats again, Gladys!) so she invited us to celebrate.

Although I strongly dislike the use of the word “tapas” to refer to anything that is clearly not Spanish, I agree that the concept of smaller plates that are designed to share is very appealing. You get to try a bit of everything without spending a fortune on each dish.

The touch screen ordering system is very handy, too. If the kitchen is not too busy, you normally get your food delivered to the table fairly quickly. That being said, I think is very easy to end up ordering too much food.

Celebration mode calls for alcohol even on a Monday night. We like sake but we don’t know much about it. Instead of asking the wait staff (who often recommend the most expensive beverages) we selected two random small bottles: one hot, one cold. Fortunately we liked both versions. Hopefully we will remember our choices for next time.


Sake ($12.00)

Once again we ordered the addictive lotus root chips, which were delivered hot and glazed with a delicious thick sauce. And yes, once again we ordered a second serving later on.

Lotus root chips

Lotus root chips ($6.50)

We ordered a seaweed salad and a couple of miso soups. The salad was very nice but very small. We needed a second serving.

Seaweed salad

Seaweed salad ($6.50)

The rest of the meal came from the grilled section of the menu. Ox tongue, mackerel and yakitori and salmon were all great, although the mackerel was the best IMO.

Ox tongue

Ox tongue ($6.30)


Mackerel ($12.50)


Yakitori ($6.50)

Grilled salmon

Salmon ($7.50)

Wagaya Tapas
1/239 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
1800 924 292

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