Product review: Riquitas plantain chips

Continuing with our quest for good plantain chips (see my reviews on Indian and American chips), next in the list were the Colombian Riquitas. The brand and packaging weren’t very promising but one would expect Latin American plantain chips to be far superior, right? Wrong. They were okay but I’ll stick with the Bossman for the time being. Or maybe I’ll start making my own.

Riquitas plantain chips

Riquitas plantain chips ($3.50 each)

Our tasting notes:

  • Platanitos (plantain chips)
    Ingredients: plantains, vegetable oil, salt.
    Average salty plantain chips. Definitely not better than the no-brand chifles you can buy off street vendors in Perú.

  • Maduritos (sweet plantain chips)
    Ingredients: ripe plantains, vegetable oil.
    Sweet and crunchy, but not memorable.

  • Platanitos (plantain chips with chile and lemon)
    Ingredients: plantains, chilli, lemon, vegetable oil, salt.
    Yeah, they tasted sour and had a chilli kick but tasted ordinary.

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