Food at Marrickville Organic Food Market

I’ve been buying most of my produce from farmers markets for a few years. I normally go to Eveleigh on Saturday mornings but during school holidays (i.e. no work on Sundays) I decided it was time to revisit the farmers market at Marrickville. As I remembered, there was less produce variety, but much better options for eating there, IMO. Three Sundays weren’t enough to sample all the food offerings, but we did our best.

On our first visit we weren’t really planning to have breakfast there until I spotted crackling. The Butcher’s Lunch sells Murray Valley pork served on a roll with crispy crackle, horseradish aioli and coleslaw, seasoned with fresh herbs and grass-fed beef served on a roll with a chilli lime & coriander aioli, coleslaw, seasoned with fresh herbs. They don’t have gluten-free rolls at the moment (coming soon, we were told), so we were suggested to bring our own or a container if we wanted just the meat and sides. We wandered around, got distracted with some pho (excellent breakfast in winter!) and used the empty plastic bowl and chopsticks to eat some roast pork + crackling with coleslaw and horseradish mayo. phenomenal. I know I said we tried to sample different things but I lied. We went back for more the following two weeks. The grass-fed beef with coleslaw and horseradish mayo was amazing, too, perhaps a tiny bit less amazing than the pork when there’s no crackling, as it happened once.

No crackling

Pork & coleslaw

Pork and coleslaw – no crackling ($9)

Pork & coleslaw

Pork and coleslaw – with crackling! ($9)

Grass-fed beef & coleslaw

Beef and coleslaw ($9)

Some people think we paleo people hate vegans. We don’t. Some vegan products can be really good when they use vegetables, fruits and nuts as ingredients. Also, vegan = dairy-free. Raw vegan is even better, because most of the times it means grain and legume free. We tried some stuff from a couple of vegan stalls, the first one was Venus Whole Foods, which offers great smoothies with hippy names. The first time we had Love (coconut milk, kale, banana, chia seeds and spirulina) and Empower Mint (hand-pressed almond milk, banana, cacao, cacao nibs and mint), another day we tried Wisdom (cinnamon bark, walnuts, hand-pressed almond milk and banana). All very good, not too sweet and full of nutrients.

Venus Whole Foods smoothies

Venus Whole Foods smoothies

The other vegan stall (which BTW is not there every week) sells raw vegan desserts. We tried a blueberry & lemon cashew “cheesecake” and a choc bliss ball. The ball was great, very similar to the balls we make sometimes at home. The “cheesecake” was okay but not mind-blowing.

Raw vegan desserts

Raw vegan desserts

Raw blueberry & lemon cashew "cheesecake"

Vegan blueberry & lemon cheesecake ($7)

Raw blueberry & lemon cashew "cheesecake", chocolate ball

Raw blueberry & lemon cashew "cheesecake" ($7), chocolate ball ($3)

If you like smoothies but dislike the hippy names, you can go to the juice stall and get yourself an equally tasty liquid meal. We tried the Healthy Start smoothie with banana, kale, mixed nuts, spinach, and coconut milk. Delicious. Note: we asked about the coconut milk and both stalls use the proper one (i.e. full-fat).

Smoothies menu - left

Smoothies menu - right

Healthy Start smoothie

Healthy start smoothie ($7)

The final thing we tried (at home) was smoked salmon and duck from a stall that claims to have “the best tasting smoked salmon in the universe and the best tasting olives in the galaxy”. A bit of an overstatement, perhaps? I liked the duck better than the salmon. The salmon at Fish Place beats it hands down.

Smoked salmon sign

Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon (around $13 per piece)

<p style="text-align:centerSmoked salmon, smoked duck, olives

Smoked salmon, smoked duck, olives

Marrickville Organic Food Market

Sundays 8.30 am to 3 pm
Addison Road Centre
142 Addison Road
Marrickville NSW 2204

6 thoughts on “Food at Marrickville Organic Food Market

  1. oh I’ve seen that smoked salmon stall at the Frenchs Forest organic markets too, they smoke it onsite and strangely there is no smell leading up to the stall which in some ways is unfortunate, I adore ‘smokey’ smells!! The salmon tastes pretty good though :)

  2. I don’t think there’s a sadder sign than one that says ‘no crackling’! Marrickville Markets have really blossomed in the last couple of years, but I agree, that it seems more like a social market with dining options – particularly for young families with kids!

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