Review: Peru on the Road (Peruvian food truck by Morena, Wynyard Park)

Food trucks are quite popular in Sydney these days. I’ve been meaning to try a couple of them, but life gets in the way every time. When I received Morena‘s newsletter announcing their upcoming food truck close to my office, I knew I had to be there.

The truck

The chef

Chef Alejandro Saravia plating out street food

Peru on the Road showcased fancier versions of Peruvian street food at Wynyard Park on July 22 – 23. The menu included:

  • Anticuchos de alpaca (grass fed Millpaca Alpaca skewers marinated in a traditional anticucho sauce – mix of Andean roasted peppers, vinegar and garlic – served with chimichurri – fresh aromatic herbs macerated in oils and apple vinegar)
  • Pork chicharrón (twice cooked crispy suckling pork belly served in a bun with caramelised sweet potato & orange puree, pickled daikon and malagueta chillies)
  • Quinoa salad
  • Cassava croquettes
  • Arroz con leche (rice pudding served with poached green apples, pineapple and quinoa caramel)

I ordered a chicharrón with no bun and anticuchos de alpaca. The chicharrón was delicious, perfectly seasoned and cooked, with crispy crackling, and nicely paired by the sweet potato cubes and salsa criolla. The anticuchos were very tasty, too, although more similar to koftas than to traditional anticuchos due to the use of minced meat (traditional anticuchos are made with diamond-shaped beef heart chunks). The seasoning was tasty, and the chimichurri was closer to the typical Peruvian ají sauce with green onions than to real (i.e. Argentinian) chimichurri.

My gringo friend really enjoyed his chicharrón in a bun. He also had a quinoa salad, which looked more like a chickpea stew served with a side of quinoa than a salad. My friend found the presence of snow peas rather un-Peruvian, but I thought it was a symbol of the big Chinese influence in our cuisine. I found the combination (chickpeas, snow peas, celery and dried botija olives) very odd.

Pork chicharrón

Pork chicharrón ($12)

Pork chicharrón with no bun

Pork chicharrón with no bun ($12)

Anticuchos de alpaca

Anticuchos de alpaca ($9)

Quinoa salad

Quinoa salad ($7)

Also on sale was our super sweet national soft drink Inca Kola at $3 per can. I bumped into a few Peruvian friends but noticed that the crowd in the queue was mixed. Hope they all enjoyed the experience.

Inca Kola

Inca Kola ($3)

Due to the big success of the food truck, Morena is offering dishes inspired in Peruvian street food during August and September. Check out the menu here.


15/425 Bourke Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 0405 902 896

8 thoughts on “Review: Peru on the Road (Peruvian food truck by Morena, Wynyard Park)

  1. I had no idea that Morena had a food truck – certainly something different that’s for sure. Do you feel ripped off that you made the same for your bunless meal as a bunned version?

  2. So intriguing to see restaurants now taking to food trucks – a literal way of bringing their food to the people!

  3. At Helen, 2 of the food trucks are from restauranteurs – agape and veggie patch. See also the taco trucks. Looks interesting and I hope they stay on the road – bit of a shame that tsuru only does occasions. The food trucks at the right venue = license to print money so I’m not surprised people want to get in on this.

    Gaby, looks good. I’d like to try this sometime. The skewer being called alpaca… haha makes me think of an alpaca (is it??) how odd.

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