Review: Burger Fuel (Newtown)

I’m lucky to live in an area where there’s a lot more than Maccas, Oporto and Hungry Jacks when you are craving a burger. With four burger joints in Newtown – Moo, Dean’s Diner, Burgerlicious and Burger Fuel – offering gluten-free burgers and buns, there’s plenty of choice for us. I’m making wishes for Grill’d to come along.

Burger Fuel looks like what the future looked like in the 80s. But experience has taught me not to judge a restaurant by its décor only, so I read a few reviews and checked out their online menu. There was hope.


My sister moved in with us recently. We helped her clean her old apartment and landed in Burger Fuel afterward for a super late lunch (or early dinner).


Alvaro and I shared a Bio Fuel (1/3 pound 100% pure NZ grass fed beef, free range egg, beetroot, salad, relish and fresh natural BF aioli) and a Ford Freakout (1/3 pound 100% pure NZ grass fed beef, bacon, avocado, salad, relish and fresh natural BF aioli). I normally order burgers and other sandwiches with no bun when that’s an option, but here they serve them in a paper bag with no cutlery, so we went the gluten-free bun route.

Bio fuel

Bio Fuel ($10.20 + $2 for the gluten-free bun)

Ford freakout

Ford Freakout ($11.90 + $2 for the gluten-free bun)

I don’t know if it’s the crumbly nature of the gluten-free buns, their crunchiness from being toasted, the fact that we haven’t eaten nothing served in bread in a l-o-n-g time, the desperation for shoveling food down our throats, or all of the above, which made our dinner a very messy affair. I hope no one I know saw me. And if you did, please keep in mind I usually have better table manners. The mess was worth it: the burgers were delicious and very generously sized. I liked both the same. Okay, maybe the Bio Fuel a tad more.

We complemented our meal with a serve of spud fries with aioli and a serve of kumara fries with aioli. Both were great and, IMO, best ordered together to add both salty crunchiness and sweetness to the meal. The aioli, which apparently shows up in every menu item, was super tasty.

Spud fries, kumara fries & aioli

Spud fries with aioli ($4.50), kumara fries with aioli ($5.90)

Burger Fuel
172 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9519 4700

Burger Fuel on Urbanspoon

5 thoughts on “Review: Burger Fuel (Newtown)

  1. I have been visiting this place for 8+ years. Today I had a very bad experience. I was given yesterday’s bio fuel. It tasted terrible…:((

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