Review: The Roast House (Sydney CBD)

I attended a full-day technical training the other day. It was free, and included morning/afternoon tea (tea/coffee plus Arnott’s biscuits and heaps of lollies), and lunch (sandwiches and fruit). Needless to say, I didn’t touch the biscuits or lollies, and was contemplating grabbing several sandwiches, ditching the bread and eating their contents along with some fruit, but realised it would be rude. Instead, I went to the Metcentre food court to see if I could get something decent to eat.

The Roast House grabbed my attention just because of the name. There were some pre-made salads (some including pasta) and the menu listed a variety of sandwiches, including chicken schnitzel.

The Roast House

I had the feeling I wouldn’t have any luck in finding a gluten-free option, but then I saw a sign in the hot food display announcing roast meat + gravy + veggies. I wanted lamb, but because there was only a little left I got some beef as well. I ordered my meal with no gravy, just salt and pepper.

The meal was huge. Veggies included steamed broccoli and carrots, plus a good-sized wedge of roasted pumpkin and a small potato. The meat was not spectacular but good enough, and the portion was big. The only thing missing was fat, next time I’ll get a block of organic butter from Woolies to round things up.

Roast meat & veggies

Roast lamb/beef + vegetables ($10)

The Roast House
Shop MG12, Metcentre
60 Margaret Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9241 7804

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