Review: Season Thai (Gordon)

I like having friends who live far away. It gives me a reason to step out of my dining out comfort zone once in a while. Ana celebrated her birthday this year with lunch in Season Thai in Gordon. If it wasn’t for this perfectly valid excuse, I wouldn’t have bothered going past King St for Thai food. I’m glad I did.

The restaurant has lunch specials (around $10 – $12) but most of us ordered from the main menu. Prices are not cheap, but go with the fancier-than-takeaway décor, quality food, and generous servings.

My dish, ginger wild barramundi didn’t look particularly big compared to others, but it wasn’t small. The barramundi fillets were steamed with fresh ginger, shallots, chilli and black fungus and topped with ginger sauce. The dish was light and fragant, exactly what I needed before my training session.

Ginger wild barramundi

Ginger wild barramundi ($26.00)

The other dishes that were ordered and enjoyed looked fantastic and were, in most cases, quite big, as you can see from the photos below.

Spring rolls

Spring rolls ($7.90 for 4 pieces)

BBQ beef

BBQ beef ($18.90)

Mystery dish

Season Thai soft shell crab Pad Thai ($26.50)

Panang curry

Panang curry ($9.90, lunch special)

Massamun curry

Massamun curry ($18.90)

BBQ lamb

BBQ lamb (4 cutlets) ($25.00)

Massamun lamb shanks

Massamun lamb shanks (2 shanks) ($24.50)

Season Thai:

Thai style slowed cooked pork belly ($20.90)

Season Thai:

Stir fry with prawns and oyster sauce ($13.50)

Season Thai
780 Pacific Hwy
Gordon NSW 2072
(02) 9499 9093, (02) 9499 6991

Season Thai on Urbanspoon

10 thoughts on “Review: Season Thai (Gordon)

  1. Great review; I drive past here every day and have told myself I need to try it out but haven’t as yet. The Barramundi dish looks small (maybe just my squinting) for the price and it’s the first time I’ve seen lamb cutlets on a Thai menu.

    The lamb massaman looks good and one of my favourites. What was your overall thought about Season Thai? Would you make the trip again or prefer other restaurants?

    1. I’d say this is an above average Thai restaurant compared to my “locals”. Maybe not enough to justify a monthly trip to Gordon but I’d be happy to make a once in a while visit.

  2. I will NEVER eat at this establishment again. The staff were inattentive and a couple of dishes never arrived. While some of the entrees were quite good, the main meals were mediocre at best. The duck was IMPOSSIBLE to eat. I spent the best part of an hour trying to scrape some meat away from the fat and gristle and I counted a mere four mouthfuls that could be gleaned from a dish with a $30.00 price tag. Further, the glassware was dirty and marked. Overall, I’d give this place a wide berth unless you like paying far too much for food that is well below average quality. I definitely would not recommend this Thai. There’s a better one in Gordon, but if you want good quality, King Street Newtown is the place to go. Needless to say, I left the place as hungry as when I went in.

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