Review: Boca Argentinian Grill (Darlinghurst)

I fondly remember my handful of visits to Argentina. Besides the various reasons that took me there (tourism, work, concerts, Buddhism), the one thing that kept me coming back was the meat. Peruvian red meat is, to be honest, quite bad, making Argentinian parrillas (grilled meat) extremely appealing to me. Specially back in the day when you could pay the equivalent of less than $10 and stuff your face in an all-you-can-eat parrilla restaurant, including a litre of (great) wine, beer or soft drink. Good times.

Boca Argentinian Grill, named after one of the most well-known suburbs in Buenos Aires, was the chosen spot for a catch-up dinner with Paleo friends. The mention of grass-fed beef in the menu made the decision really easy to make.

We ordered 3 grills (for 2 people each) and shared the lot between the 7 of us: parrillada pampa (leg of lamb, rump steak, chicken thigh), parrillada tango (inside skirt steak, beef short ribs, pork neck), and parrillada gaucho (inside skirt steak, sirloin, beef short ribs). All the meats were amazing, juicy, tender and flavoursome. I’d be hard-pressed to name my favourite. They were cooked the traditional way, on a coal grill, and seasoned just with salt and pepper. All grills came with chimichurri (garlic, parsley, red chili, oregano, vinegar and olive oil) and salsa criolla (fresh onion, red capsicum, tomato and olive oil).

Parrillada Pampa

Parrillada pampa ($63)

Parrillada Tango

Parrillada tango ($63)

Parrillada Gaucho

Parrillada gaucho ($69)

Each grill comes with a side or salad. We chose mandioca frita (crispy fried mandioca root, a.k.a. cassava), vegetales a la parrilla (grilled eggplant, sweet potato, mixed spices), and zanahorias y remolachas quemadas (char-grilled carrot and beetroot, rocket, goats cheese). My favourite, not surprinsingly, was the cassava. The other two sides were very good, too: nicely seasoned, and, in the case of the carrots and beetroot, with a great charred flavour. Bigger servings wouldn’t hurt, though.

Mandioca frita

Mandioca frita ($10)

Vegetales a la parrilla

Vegetales a la parrilla ($15)

Zanahorias y remolachas quemadas

Zanahorias y remolachas quemadas ($15)

It was a fun night with great food and great service. I didn’t drink, so can’t comment about the wines but the menu does contain some interesting ones. Will be back.

Boca Argentinian Grill
308-310 Liverpool St
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
(02) 9332 3373

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  1. I was waiting for your comments on this restaurant . I like argentinian parrilladas as well, and this place is located near my office, so I definitely will have lunch or dinner there soon !

  2. As great as it all looks, charging $60+ for each grill is quite steep. Funny you should mention the red meat in Peru. The best steak I had when in Lima was at an Argentinian restaurant!

    • Yay for international trade! You’re totally right, the best red meat to have in Peru comes from Argentina. The good news is that is available in most supermarkets, and of course, Argentinian restaurants.

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