Review: Wagaya Tapas (Newtown)

Thanks to this post in John’s blog, I learned that Mamma Maria was replaced by Wagaya Tapas. Wagaya in the city is known for their touch screen menus, but I was way more curious about the food than the technology, which clearly shows my age.

Ordering screen

Sadly, I didn’t get to sample the dish that caught my attention in John’s review (deep-fried salmon skin) because we went for lunch and the noon/evening menus are different. Lunch is more about lunch boxes, dons (bowl of rice with something on top) and ramen.

Menu cover

Lunch menu

Service was very attentive, a bit slow when the restaurant was packed, but got our tick of approval for answering our gluten-related questions with a smile on the face.

Gladys, Al and I shared a couple of dons along with lotus root chips. The chips were fantastic and totally addictive (they’re chips, after all), with a nice balance of audible crunch, saltiness, and sweetness from the sauce. Yes, we ordered a second serving.

Lotus root chips

Lotus root chips ($6.50)

The chicken teriyaki don was okay but the juicy chicken morsels were a bit bland and a bit too few for our taste. Rice was plentiful enough to call it my dose for the month.

Teriyaki chicken don

Teriyaki chicken don ($7.50)

The salmon fillet don was, flavour-wise, better than the chicken teriyaki. The protein serving was about the same size, hence the need for more lotus root chips.

Salmon don

Salmon don ($11.90)

Both dons came with the mandatory miso soup, interestingly containing bean sprouts instead of tofu cubes. We ordered a third bowl of soup for $3. We’ll be back soon to sample the dinner menu.

Wagaya Tapas
1/239 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
1800 924 292

Wagaya Tapas on Urbanspoon

9 thoughts on “Review: Wagaya Tapas (Newtown)

  1. I really like Wagaya in the city and I COULD get to this one in a lunch break. I’d like to give it a try. I LOVE Louts Root Chips (Renkon Chips).

  2. You know, I went there for lunch soon after they opened and the menu was quite large. We had lunch there last weekend and the menu is now much smaller than the first time. Was so disappointed I couldn’t have the soft shell crab of mackerel. Loved the tonkotsu, though.

  3. ive walked past this place many times but it hasnt appealed to me as ive had wagaya in the city. it is close to work tho, so it may work out for a group lunch etc.

  4. It’s a shame that Mama Maria closed but having access to renkon is probably a welcome distraction for locals!

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