Review: The Animal (Newtown)

On June 12 Alvaro and I became Australian citizens. Following the short and casual ceremony we skipped the free drinks and nibbles provided by the council and went to meet our friends at The Animal for dinner.

Beatles mural

The Animal is the bistro located on the first floor of the ever-changing Newtown Hotel. I had read mixed reviews of the food there but the Greek menu sounded promising.

The Animal

We nibbled on some olives while we waited for everyone to arrive. Good olives, although not as good as the ones at Rubyo’s or Grappa.


Olives ($7.5)

Four of us shared a bunch of dishes. First came the W.A. grilled octopus with baby onions, red wine, cinnamon & capers. It was tender and nicely flavoured, not the best I’ve had but not bad at all.

W.A. grilled octopus

W.A. grilled octopus ($17)

The lemon roasted potatoes, “backyard style” were simply amazing. We couldn’t help it and polished them off before the mains arrived, and had to order a second serving.

Lemon roasted potatoes

Lemon roasted potatoes ($10)

The dish I was the most excited about was the coal roasted ‘suckling lamb’, rubbed with lemon, garlic & bay leaf. It didn’t disappoint: tender, flavourful and fatty. Went great with the potatoes.

Coal roasted 'suckling' lamb

Coal roasted ‘suckling’ lamb ($20)

The Animal has a daily special. Wednesday’s is the whole fish for two with melted vegetables, cooked en papillote. This dish was just okay, I think a firmer-fleshed fish would have worked a bit better.

Whole fish for two

Whole fish for two ($45)

A couple of skewers, served with flat bread, tzatziki, red onion, tomato & parsley salad, were ordered on our table, too. Both the chicken thigh with organic yoghurt, coriander and black pepper, and the lamb leg with mountain oregano looked great and were a decently sized meal.

Chicken thigh skewer

Chicken thigh skewer ($18)

Lamb leg skewer

Lamb leg skewer ($18)

The Animal at Newtown Hotel
174 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9557 6399

Newtown Hotel & The Animal on Urbanspoon

7 thoughts on “Review: The Animal (Newtown)

    1. Hey Tammi, I would think so because it’s in a “from the spit” section of the menu. Having said that, I’ve seen the lamb in a few versions of the menu for several months.

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