Review: Runcible Spoon

More than a year ago I read this review in Richard Elliot’s blog about Runcible Spoon. The cafe is in my neighbourhood so I took mental note and finally, 12 months later, got to try it.

My sister and I met there for lunch. The menu is written on a blackboard behind the counter and is exactly the same as in their website, which is a tick of approval in my book. Gladys and I were craving the same dishes so ordering was as easy as asking “are these gluten-free?”. They were indeed.

We kicked things off with a couple of excellent long blacks, and ordered two dishes to share. The free range chicken salad with green beans, tea soaked raisins, tahini and harissa was the biggest salad I’ve ever had that was not prepared by me. More specifically, the chicken serving was very generous in size, unlike the scarce bits and pieces you get in most restaurants. The dish needed a pinch of salt, but was nice in flavour.

Free-range chicken salad

Free range chicken salad ($17)

The second dish was their (famous?) slow roast pork belly with apple, cabbage and radish slaw. I say famous because I’ve seen the pork belly being mentioned in many reviews. Some people loved it, some people found it had been reheated multiple times. We found it a little bit dry and with a chewy crackling, perhaps signs of bad reheating method (a slow-cooked meal *must* be reheated, otherwise you’d be sitting there for 8+ hours waiting for your meal). The coleslaw was a bit too sour for my taste, but apart from that the dish wasn’t bad.

Slow-cooked pork belly

Slow roast pork belly ($22)

I’ve read a few reviews mentioning bad customer service, which was not our case at all. Service was actually quite good.

Runcible Spoon
27 Barr St
Camperdown NSW 2050
(02) 9519 2727

Runcible Spoon on Urbanspoon


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