Product review: Life in a Jar cultured vegetables

I had one of those kitchen panic attacks a few weeks ago when I realised the sauerkraut batch I was making got mouldy and we didn’t have any left in the fridge. To put things into context: I have sauerkraut with my breakfast most days. Luckily, a couple of days later I found a discounted jar of sauerkraut in my local health shop. It was at half price thanks to the expiration date; I wouldn’t pay full price no matter how desperate I am, considering how cheap it is to make it at home.

On to the product. The brand is Life in a Jar, and what I got was a 290 gram (300 ml) jar of cultured raw organic vegetables, which included white cabbage, carrots, celery and onion, seasoned with mixed dried herbs, Celtic sea salt, and cultured with organic whey and filtered water.

Life in a jar sauerkraut

The veggies were chopped a bit smaller than what we’re used to, but maintained their crunch. The herbs gave the product a very nice flavour, although I think “plain” sauerkraut is more versatile in complementing different styles of dishes. Overall not a bad product if you have the extra cash.

Life in a jar sauerkraut

Green Jar Kitchen Pty Ltd
86 Abercrombie St
Chippendale NSW 2008
0419 401 965

4 thoughts on “Product review: Life in a Jar cultured vegetables

    1. It’s better than most of the ones out there because it’s raw and unpasteurised, meaning that the good bacteria are still alive. Another brand that is unpasteurised is Kitsa’s Kitchen.

  1. Whoa, you eat sauerkraut for breakfast? I need more information please! I used to HATE HATE HATE sauerkraut as a kid, but I’m coming around to it as a grown-up, still not enough love for it though to eat at breakkie.

    1. Mmm… I guess it depends on the sauerkraut. I know some people hate the mushy supermarket sauerkraut but are okay with the properly made stuff. I don’t mind the mushy one, but prefer the crunchy homemade variety. And my breakfast is usually minced beef or lamb cooked with different seasonings and leafy greens, or bacon, eggs and avocado, plus sauerkraut on both cases.

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