Product review: Jen’s Noodles

We’ve been eating the expensive but handy kelp noodles once every 1 – 2 months. I used to buy them online, but fortunately my local health shop has started selling them. Last time I was there, they had another “fake” noodle product: Jen’s Noodles. These are made of the soluble fibre contained in the konjac plant. Basically the same stuff used to make the chewy gelatinous and mostly flavourless morsels known as konnyaku, a common ingredient in several Asian dishes. In my aunties’ house, white Japanese konnyaku was used in a traditional stew called nishime, without a doubt one of my favourite meals ever.

Back to the noodles, they come in two styles: angel hair and fettucine. Both of them are thicker and softer than the kelp noodles. They come in 250 gram packs, which are supposed to serve two people but we eat a pack each. Out of the bag, they must be rinsed and covered in hot water for a minute before using.

Jen's noodles

Jen's noodles - fettucine

We tried the angel hair variety with the puttanesca sauce I mentioned in my last post, plus sardines. Because they’re not starchy, they don’t absorb liquid sauces as well as regular pasta does (or potatoes, as suggested by Angelo Coppola), but they have a nice texture, are virtually tasteless (so any sauce will do) and, let’s be honest, anything “noodley” has a certain degree of comfort factor.

Puttanesca on shirataki noodles

We ate the fettucine variety with pesto, which stuck much better to the noodles (yes, that’s crispy bacon on top!). Compared to the angel hair noodles, the fettucine felt more chewy and “less tasteless”, but we did enjoy them.

Jen's noodles, pesto & bacon

The regular price in my local health shop is $4.10 per pack, but I bought them with a 21% discount. You can also buy them online at Jen’s website (link below).

Jen’s Noodles

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