Review: The Psari Shop (Dulwich Hill)

Another “fishy” review! My sister told me a while ago about a new fish and chips restaurant in her neighbourhood but with so many things to worry about I completely forgot about it. She had already been there a couple of times, so it was time for Al and I to try it. The Psari Shop sits where Cafe Dal’or used to be, a few metres away from the Dulwich Hill train station. The signs on the windows and the walls covered in newspapers (American, as many reviewers have noted) tell you it’s a fish and chips shop, but it’s fancier than what I was expecting.


The menu includes all the usual suspects with a few grilled options and an interesting sounding pickled octopus. Nope, we didn’t get the octopus this time, so don’t ask. They also offer a mussels & rice special that I’d be also keen on trying.

Mussels & rice special

As I said before, this is not your typical dodgy-looking fish and chips shop. I particularly liked the log stools around the big communal tables, they vaguely reminded me of something from my childhood.

Log stools

A couple of things I really like about this place is the homemade sauces and the salts. Sauces include lime & chilli, lemon, herbs & garlic, tomato, tartare, BBQ and hot chilli and are 50 cents each. There are also three shakers on the tables with plain, rosemary and oregano salts. Good stuff.


Most dishes come with salad, which you can choose from the ones displayed at the counter. We ordered a grilled barramundi with a salad of multi-coloured baby carrots, broccoli and green beans. The serving barramundi looked a bit small but I think it was an optical illusion (things in a box look differently than on a plate. That applies to lunch containers, too.) The salad was great, my only suggestion would be to serve it warm, but it was great to see something more creative than your standard takeaway salad. The fish was fantastic: moist and tender.

Grilled barramundi, veggies

Grilled barramundi, veggies ($15)

We also ordered a BBQ pack for 2 with 2 swordfish skewers, BBQ octopus, grilled calamari and 2 grilled prawns. The chosen salad for this one had beetroot, feta, cucumbers and red onion. Good stuff. Everything in this pack was delicious. I’d be hard-pressed to pick a favourite. Everything was perfectly cooked, no chewy calamari, no tough octopus, no dry swordfish or prawn. Best seafood I’ve eaten in a while.

BBQ box, beetroot & feta salad

BBQ pack, beetroot & feta salad ($46 for 2 people)

Of course, we had to try the chips. We ordered the small size which was larger than expected. Chips were good and went well with the excellent tartare and lemon, herbs & garlic sauces.

Chips & sauces

Chips & sauces ($3.50 for the small chips, $0.50 for each sauce)

Hopefully this restaurant will last longer than its predecessor(s).

The Psari Shop
237 Wardell Rd
Dulwich Hill NSW 2203
(02) 9558 8704
on Facebook

The Psari Shop on Urbanspoon


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