Review: Atom Thai (Newtown)

In the almost 4 years I’ve lived around Newtown I haven’t been able to try all the Thai restaurants in the area. I have the feeling I never will, but I take every opportunity to try to accomplish that goal.

This time the chosen was Atom Thai. I remembered a food blogger mentioned it was one of the best Thai restaurants in Newtown, and my dining companion hadn’t had a proper sit-down meal there (just some bites during trivia nights).

My pre-meal online research revealed they’ve got a separate gluten-free menu. I hope one day all restaurants get on board with this excellent practice. Sebastian was happy for me to order gluten-free dishes to share.

First was the Hot basil chili crispy pork with green beans, fresh chilis, onions, bamboo shoots and Thai hot basil. It sounded better than it was. We were expecting pork belly pieces with a nice crackling on top, but it was just crackling cubes with a weird crunchy/chewy texture that hurt my soft palate. The dish was medium heat as described, and the sauce was okay.

Hot basil chili crispy pork

Hot basil chili crispy pork ($19.90)

Dish number 2 was the salmon green mango salad, from my understanding one of Sebastian’s favourite Thai dishes. Since he’s the expert I will refrain from giving my opinion and report that he wasn’t impressed. He said it wasn’t tangy and as flavourful as he expected, maybe the mango wasn’t green enough and/or the inclusion of some apple slices didn’t help.

Salmon green mango salad

Salmon green mango salad ($22.90)

Atom Thai
130 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9550 5965

Atom Thai on Urbanspoon

3 thoughts on “Review: Atom Thai (Newtown)

  1. I ate there many years ago and remember it being ok. As for the pork belly dish, they actually fry the cubes in a bit of oil to crisp up the whole thing, rendering it a little too dry sometimes. It’d be nice if it was softer, but I guess that’s how it is.

  2. I visited this place for my 22nd birthday with a group of friends some years ago.. It had rave reviews on Eatability which is why we picked it, although it wasn’t totally bad, it didn’t really live up to our expectations either.

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