Review: Dinner at Pitt St Diner (Redfern)

Yep, another review for Pitt St Diner. Before you complain, please remember that the first one was a special banquet that is not in the menu and the second one was brunch. Regular dinner fare was yet to be covered.

The occasion was our friend Paola’s birthday. Four entrées were ordered to share: pork kofta with labne and braised eggplant, salt and pepper calamari with coleslaw, prawns with pistachio in a tomato-caper sauce, and chickpea, yoghurt and mint salad. Unfortunately for some of us, all of them had gluten, legumes and/or dairy.

Pork kofta & labne

Pork kofta with labne and braised eggplant ($16)


Salt and pepper calamari with coleslaw ($16)


Prawns with pistachio ($16)

Chickpea, mint & yoghurt salad

Chickpea, yoghurt and mint salad ($16)

The restaurant runs a few daily specials. The beef special was Scotch fillet with onion rings and Cafe de Paris butter. I didn’t order this dish but got to try a piece of steak that was tasty and tender.

Scotch fillet

Scotch fillet ($28)

The fish special was barramundi served with duck fat potatoes. The dish also contained olives and tomatoes in a saucy sort of way but I was so hooked up with the duck fat potatoes that didn’t hear the full description. In any case, the fish was perfectly seasoned and cooked; the dish as a whole was a winner.

Barramundi & duck fat potatoes

Barramundi & duck fat potatoes ($28)

The other main that got ordered by a few people was the twice-cooked pork belly with caramelised pumpkin, green apple and cider caramel. Beautifully presented and with bits of perfectly crunchy crackling, it was as tasty as it looked.

Twice-cooked pork belly

Twice-cooked pork belly ($27)

Bonnie baked a Paleo chocolate birthday cake (for a change!) that we thoroughly enjoyed with a dollop of double cream (for a change!). Cakeage was $1.5 per head.

Birthday cake

Birthday cake

Paleo chocolate cake & cream

Paleo chocolate cake & cream

Pitt St Diner
96 Pitt St
Redfern NSW 2016
(02) 8668 5936

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