Review: Fish Place (Surry Hills)

One of the restaurants I really wanted to go back to, The Smokehouse, sadly closed its doors a while back. Fortunately, I learned from Helen’s and Suze’s posts that the smoke boy is back in a much more casual venture.

Fish Place sits on a corner of Foveaux Avenue, right next to the kinda dodgy (to me) but incredibly popular Excelsior Hotel. If you walk past Fish Place you really can’t miss it.

Fish Place

Fish Place

The menu is illustrated on the wall and is short and sweet.



The salads, sides and sauces are on display so it’s easy to pick your options.



My sister and I ordered smoked salmon and smoked trout with salads and shared. We sat at the fisherman-themed courtyard which is way nicer than the bench up front.

Fish Place

Fish Place

Both the smoked trout and smoked salmon were delicious. To be honest, I didn’t find much difference in flavour between both (I guess smokiness overrides the natural fish flavour), but I liked the trout a bit better just because of its slightly firmer texture. The salads were good, one was a garden-style of salad, and the other has roasted beetroot and flaked almonds. I wish I worked close to this place, it would be a great option for a decently-priced, tasty and healthy lunch.

Smoked trout & salad

Smoked trout & salad ($12.50)

Smoked salmon & beetroot salad

Smoked salmon & beetroot salad ($12.50)

We finished our meal with a serve of good, crunchy hand-cut chips served with tartar sauce.

Chips & tartar sauce

Chips & tartar sauce ($3.50)

Fish Place
70 Foveaux St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 8958 0159

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4 thoughts on “Review: Fish Place (Surry Hills)

  1. Hot smoked fish is an all-time favourite with me. Love it. Funny you should mention the kinda “dodgy” Excelsior Hotel. One of the last places I chefed at was the Lime Inn Bistro, the pubs restaurant back in the early 1990’s. Andy (the head chef) & I used to churn out peasant-style English food to the locals! Happy times!

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