Indian banana chips

A shout-out to our lovely Peruvian friends Ana and Rale, who, among many other valuable pieces of information, told us that we could find salty banana chips in Indian grocery stores. In Perú, banana/plantain chips (called chifles) are always salty. You can imagine how disappointed we were when we moved here and tried our first and only bag of sweet banana chips.

The chips I bought at our nearest Indian shop have turmeric but that doesn’t make much of a taste difference, in my opinion. You should have seen Alvaro’s face when he took the first bite. He almost cried, which is totally understandable since he hasn’t been back home for 4 years.

Indian banana chips

The ingredients aren’t perfect but they don’t look as bad as some commercial chips. We do know that junk is junk and that chips are a once-in-a-while thing.

Indian banana chips

We polished the whole bag while watching Metal Evolution and drinking cider. Good times.

9 thoughts on “Indian banana chips

  1. I know that banana’s and plantains are different but related. I like both and can imagine the non-sweet chip variety but the text on that packet looks very Arabic, so I can imagine the origin. Sweet or savoury, I reckon I’d like it!

    1. Interestingly, Peruvian chifles are made with plantains and although these said “bananas” in the ingredients, they tasted pretty much the same to me. We Peruvians don’t complicate things and call all varieties “platano” :)

    2. Your comment about the writing on the package got me thinking… my sister got me another package and I’m happy to report that the chips are indeed made in India.

  2. i thought you were going to have a recipe! i would love to try a peruvian version, i think i have only tried sweet banana chips. we have loads of indian shops here, i’ll check out their selection and see if i can find one that looks good….

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