Review: Hurricane’s Grill (Brighton-Le Sands)

Our friend Nadia got back from Mexico right on time for her birthday. We went for dinner to Hurricane’s Grill in Brighton-Le Sands, a suburb I must admit I didn’t know existed. You can totally tell I’m not a beach person… but I did enjoy the view.

Hurricane's Grill: The view

Hurricane’s, like Tony, is best known for its ribs but after asking the waitress she said they couldn’t guarantee their sauce is not gluten-free because they buy it (I guess they could just see the bottle, huh?). She recommended ordering a salad or a steak with baked potato (the chips are not gluten-free) and that’s exactly what we did.

We had both eyed the octopus salad, baby octopus grilled with lemon butter and spices on a fresh mixed salad with vinaigrette dressing. It was the classic garden-style salad with a nice dressing and tasty, properly cooked octopus. Good pick.

Octopus salad

Octopus salad ($27)

The thing I love about steakhouses is that most of them offer their steaks in different weight options. I was tempted to get a biggie (650+ grams) but Al thought it would be too much and we had the 350 gram New York strip steak, served with baked potato with sour cream & chives.

New York strip steak

New York strip steak ($33)

The beef was delicious and cooked very close to medium-rare as ordered. The potato needed a serious amount of salt to give it the illusion of flavour. I guess I’m spoiled by the taste and variety of potatoes we have back home.

New York strip steak

New York strip steak ($33)

A few people ordered the famous (and massive) ribs. They looked great, and were thoroughly enjoyed.


Half rack ribs ($31.90)

Neil ordered half Portuguese chicken, basted in peri-peri sauce. He seemed a bit disappointed with the size of the bird, specially considering that the whole chicken was only $7 more.

Portuguese chicken

Half Portuguese chicken ($21)

Hurricane’S Grill Brighton Le Sands
95 Le Grand Parade
Brighton-Le-Sands NSW 2216
13 RIBS (13 74 27)

Hurricane's Grill Brighton-Le-Sands on Urbanspoon


  1. What a coincidence, I was at Hurricane’s at Top Ryde just the other night! A visit to Hurricane’s always seems to turn into more of a food challenge than an enjoyment of the meal though…I’m generally with a group of guys who dare each other to eat a full rack and more of ribs!

    I actually think their non-ribs and non-steak options have better flavours and are more enjoyable – e.g. their veggie burger is actually really nice!

  2. Very ordinary food for an extraordinary price. Heaps better restaurants in the same location. Will NEVER go again.

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