Review: Krua Thai (Richmond, Melbourne)

One of the things my sister and I noticed on this recent trip to Melbourne was that they have way less Thai restaurants and way more sushi eateries than Sydney. Interestingly, one of the few places we found open on a Sunday evening when we were in need of an emergency feed was Thai.

The sign read Krua Thai 2, which immediately reminded me of one of my favourite locals Thai La Ong 2. However, the prices were a lot higher here. Not that I didn’t see it coming judging by the decor.

Krua Thai 2

We were starving and had limited time to eat. The pork ribs sounded great, but they didn’t have any. It took us a few more minutes of menu browsing to decide and finally ordered the Yum Kor Moo Yang, grilled pork neck salad, and stir-fried salted fish with Chinese broccoli. We hoped service was as quick as in Doythao, but it wasn’t. Both dishes came out at once and we devoured them in no time.

The pork neck salad was my favourite of the two, with lovely flavours and a good veggie-protein ratio.

Yum Kor Moo Yang

Yum Kor Moo Yang Thai ($16.90)

We were defeated by our ignorance with the stir-fried dish. We thought the “salted fish” was some kind of fish fillet, perhaps smoked, and were waiting for a huge whack of protein, but it was just a few bits of anchovy-type preserved fish. The dish was tasty (although very salty indeed) but it qualified more like a side than a main in our books.

Stir-fried salted fish with Chinese broccoli

Stir-fried salted fish with Chinese broccoli ($16.90)

Still hungry, we opted for a small known dish to settle our stomachs: the good old (and BTW, non-Paleo) chicken satay. Having stayed away from excess sugar for a long while, I found it extremely sweet but nicely seasoned.

Chicken satay

Chicken satay ($6.90, 2 skewers)

Krua Thai – Richmond
37 Bridge Road
Richmond VIC 3121
(03) 9428 6128

Krua Thai 2 on Urbanspoon

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