Shoes update

No long after I said it would take me a while to replace my non-workout shoes I had to throw out my work shoes because one of the soles cracked big time. No worries, I still had another pair of shoes, which I wore until the velcro that secured the belt was totally worn out (i.e. about a week and a half!).

I had been researching barefoot shoes that I could wear at work (an office that doesn’t require super corporate attire, but still…) and really liked the Vivo Barefoot Kalis. Unfortunately, my size was not in stock anywhere I looked. A salesperson suggested some Merrell models: the Pure Gloves which looked way too casual, and the Wonder Gloves which seemed too feminine for me.

One day I was in the QVB and decided to check them out in person. The Pure Gloves felt very comfortable and were on sale but they did look way too casual. The Wonder Gloves felt comfortable as well and looked more appropriate for work. Faced with such a dilemma I did what any other girl would do: I bought both.

I’ve used both to work, both feel fantastic. The Pure Gloves feel and look more “rough” (they’re running shoes, after all). Most people would find them too uncorporate but I don’t care.

Merrell shoes

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