Review: The Everest Kitchen (Marrickville)

Another tale of food vouchers. My sister asked me if I wanted to go halves on a meal deal for two in The Everest Kitchen. A quick Google search returned good reviews, including Helen’s, whose tastebuds I generally trust. I didn’t think twice and said yes.

The Everest Kitchen

The Everest Kitchen

We booked a table but it wasn’t necessary: the place was empty. That can mean that food is really bad, but fortunately it was not the case. And as a bonus, we got personalised service.

I arrived a bit early and snapped a few photos of the decoration. Prayer flags, a mandala and a Buddha poster made us feel a little bit closer to Nepal.

Prayer flags and lamp

Prayer flags and lamp





The voucher costed $49 and included a “nibblet” or soup to share, two entrées, and two mains. I’m pretty sure the voucher mentioned dessert, too. We decided not to get any soup or appetizers because we figured entrées and mains would be plenty. And we were right.

We started with a duck salad with lettuce, roasted pumpkin, onion, cucumber, cabbage, carrots, apple and orange with Nepalese dressing. I love duck and will normally praise duck dishes, but man! this salad was f*cking delicious. My best duck experience in a long while.

Duck salad

Duck salad (normally $10.99)

The next entrée was garlic & chilli prawn with Nepalese salad. The prawns had a radioactive yellow hue thanks to the turmeric and were very flavourful but not in an overwhelming way. I liked this dish but the duck was still the winner.

Garlic & Chilli prawn with Nepalese salad

Garlic & Chilli prawn with Nepalese salad (normally $11.99)

By the time the mains arrived the probability of having dessert dropped down to close to zero. Servings were huge and thus far our tastebuds had not complains. Main number one was the Everest grilled goat (you can choose chicken or lamb, too), marinated overnight with Nepalese spices, fresh chilli, garlic & ginger, and served with tomato & cucumber salad. We didn’t have any knifes and the goat pieces bigger than mouthful size, but we managed to cut them with our spoons. The meat was tender enough for that, but not super tender. It was tasty, but still not up to the level of that lovely first dish.

Everest grilled goat

Everest grilled goat (normally $17.99)

So we went nuts and ordered two duck dishes. Our final selection was the duck maryland, oven-roasted and flavoured with apple, orange & cumin, served with rice & spinach. Some of the same ingredients in the salad, but an entirely different experience. Once again, there was a feast of flavours that didn’t feel like there was too much going on, like some Indian/Pakistani dishes do in my opinion. F*cking fantastic.

Duck maryland

Duck maryland (normally $19.99)

As tempting as the rice pudding with strawberries and chocolate sauce sounded, we decided it was best to wrap things up.

The Everest Kitchen
u1/314 Victoria Road
Marrickville NSW 2204
(02) 9569 7654

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  1. Glad the restaurant didn’t disappoint. I think it’s in a bit of a tough area for this type of cuisine, but there are lots of interesting dishes and the people behind the restaurant are lovely.

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