Review: Mumu Grill (Crows Nest)

Deal vouchers are tricky. I’ve had both good and bad experiences (with food and other products/services), so I’ve learned to be cautious when using them. Luckily, the rules at Dimmi are very clear: earn points by booking through their website and writing a short “review” of your experience, and redeem discount vouchers in one of the participating restaurants. Vouchers will give you 50% off your bill (drinks not included) and the only catch is that you have to use them between Sunday and Thursday.

The restaurant I chose to redeem this particular voucher was Mumu Grill, where I had a great meal as part of the food photography class I attended last year. Not only that, but Mumu is the only restaurant in Sydney I know of where I can be sure all beef is grass-fed.

My initial thought was to order the 1 kg T-bone to share with Al but we had been in a speed boat and were still dizzy, so we chose two regular-sized mains: a steak (of course!) and a pork roast.

The sirloin steak was good and cooked medium-rare as requested. It was a bit tougher than expected (although I know grass-fed beef is less fatty than grain-fed, I’m used to the fattier cuts) but tasty for sure. The green beans tossed in butter and the potato chips that came with it were the perfect match.





The Bangalow pork shoulder, slow roasted for 15 hours and served with celeriac and apple remoulade sounded amazing but didn’t reach our expectations. I felt the flavour of the pork a bit too strong, and in general we were unimpressed.

Slow roast Bangalow pork shoulder

Slow roast Bangalow pork shoulder

Mumu Grill is far away from where we live and our meal wasn’t precisely stellar but I’d be happy to go back and support their commitment with sustainability.

Mumu Grill
70-76 Alexander Street
Crows Nest NSW 2065
(02)9460 6877

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7 thoughts on “Review: Mumu Grill (Crows Nest)

  1. I find Mumu Grill can be quite hit or miss. I’ve done a dessert masterclass there which was great, but then my boyfriend ordered ribs when we went back for a meal, and they weren’t as good as Hurricanes. I work quite close to Mumu’s though, and it’s always good for an indulgent dinner after Friday night drinks!

  2. You’re right about those deal vouchers being pretty hit and miss – I’ve had the exact same experience. I’ve been wanting to visit MuMu Grill for awhile now though and its great that they cook with sustainable meats. That looks like a pretty decent steak too!

  3. We went to Mumu a few month ago and both ordered the steak & ribs which were really nice…I also loved the food at the food bloggers photography class. I’ve been VERY lucky with meal deal vouchers so far…only one so so experience.

  4. my girlfriend just bought s Scoopon voucher for Mumu (she originally wanted to go to Meat & Wine Co but I stopped her), after reading all the reviews I’m not sure if we have made the right decision. Anyway, it’s too late now as Scoopon’s refund policy sucks, we’ve made a booking for this Friday night, not having any expectation, just gonna wait and see how things turn out.

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