Review: Grappa (Leichhardt)

So… it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago. As you may know, October = Crave Festival, a variety of food-related events that take place all around Sydney. One of my favourite features is Let’s Do Lunch, where restaurants offer a meal (often a main, but may vary) and a beverage (sponsor’s wine, beer or water) for $38. Al and I took the day off work for yet another Let’s Do Lunch adventure, this time at Leichhardt’s Grappa Ristorante e Bar.

The two dishes we shared were the Let’s Do Lunch meal: grilled snapper fillet with South Australian vongole, grilled eggplant, and cherry tomatoes, and one of the day’s specials: sesame-crusted tuna steak with fennel, citrus, capers, and olives.

There were two attempts to put bread on the table, which we declined. The second time we asked if they had any gluten-free bread, but they didn’t, and offered warm olives instead. We couldn’t say no. The olives were delicious (warm olives are just genius) and had a mild chilli kick. What we didn’t like about them is that they were charged on the bill, and they weren’t precisely cheap. Should have seen it coming.

Warm olives

Warm olives ($9.50)

On the bright side, food was superb. The snapper was perfectly cooked, its delicate flesh was tender and nicely flavoured by the surrounding broth. The whole dish was rounded (although the eggplant could do with a bit more time on the grill) and went really nicely with my glass of white.

Grilled snapper fillet

Grilled snapper fillet ($38)

The tuna steak was very tasty, as well, perhaps a bit too thin, but flavourful nonetheless. The salad was excellent, the (very Italian) combination of citrus (grapefruit in this case), fennel and olives is one of my favourites.

Tuna steak

Tuna steak ($34)

After we paid, the waiter forgot to bring our change and we were kept waiting for a while. The manager offered his apologies with a free shot of limoncello, which I happily accepted.

Grappa Ristorante e Bar
Shop 1, 267-277 Norton Street
Leichhardt NSW 2040
(02) 9560 6090

Grappa Ristorante & Bar on Urbanspoon

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6 thoughts on “Review: Grappa (Leichhardt)

  1. I forgot about the CRAVE food festival… I’ve been unwell and haven’t stepped out of the house in days!
    The food looks lovely, but you’re right, it’s very expensive!

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