A baby BBQ

No, we did not BBQ a baby! Our friends Norris and Paola are (very) soon having a baby and instead of a baby shower we celebrated with a more relaxed BBQ.

The feast

The Italian mum prepared aperol, campari & orange cocktails, Al and I also had some apple cider. I made some sauces to go with the meats: pico de gallo, chimichurri and chermoula, and guacamole to eat with crudites. There were heaps of steaks, sausages, chicken thighs, grilled haloumi, as well as delicious salads and beautifully iced cupcakes prepared by our friend Gabrielle, who hosted the BBQ. Norris had prepare some amazing coconut flour cupcakes for the gluten-free gang. Al and I also gorged on some dates and strawberries from the cheese platter, which were completely unnecessary given the amount of food we had. I’ll let the photos speak.

Dips, crudites

BBQ action

Chicken thighs, haloumi

Steak, sausages

Steak, chorizo

Pico de gallo, chermoula, chimichurri




Cheese platter

6 thoughts on “A baby BBQ

  1. That is some lovingly decorated cupcakes there :) we did the same for our first bub – that is had a baby bbq for all our friends, was a fab afternoon at the park.

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