Review: The Sultan’s Table (Enmore)

Here’s another place I finally got to try after many moons of reading many good reviews about it. Apparently The Sultan’s Table has been a Turkish favourite for quite a while. Gladys and I tried to dine there one night but couldn’t get in, so this time we booked a table.

As per usual, Gladys, Al and I ordered a bunch of dishes to share. I love when restaurants offer mixed plates, because that way you get to taste a bit of everything. We ordered a mixed kebab, a mixed grill and a vegetarian dish, imam bayildi. We asked about the gluten content in some dishes, and ordered ours with no bread and plain salad instead of tabouli. Our waiter was informative and happy to accommodate our request.

The mixed kebab had chicken and beef. Both meats were tasty, but I found them a bit on the dry side.

Mixed kebab

Mixed kebab ($15)

The mixed grill was perhaps a bit more interesting, because it came with adana kebab (hand chopped lamb meat seasoned with red peppers, herbs & spices, grilled over charcoal on flat skewer), lamb and chicken shish kebab. It was definitely a good choice with a nice variety of flavours.

Mixed grill

Mixed grill ($29)

Imam Bayildi

Imam Bayildi ($9)

The best dish for Gladys and me was, surprisingly, the vegetarian one. Imam bayildi (which sounds like a person’s name), had an intriguing description: whole eggplant filled with vegetable cooked in a traditional way with special herbs & spices. I don’t know what’s the secret behind it but it was quite tasty.

We enjoyed our lunch but I must say I liked the food at Saray better.

The Sultan’s Table
179 Enmore Rd
Enmore NSW 2042
(02) 9557 0229

9 thoughts on “Review: The Sultan’s Table (Enmore)

  1. Imam Bayildi means the ‘fainting Imam (priest)’ and the traditional secret is copious amounts of good quality of olive oil (which is why the priest fainted… due to the outrageous cost of the oil).

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