Holidays in Perú (20 – 21 July 2012, Santiago – Sydney)

In the long leg of my trip (Santiago – Auckland) meals were significantly better than on the trip to Lima. Dinner was grilled salmon with mash & green beans, and a green salad. I skipped the crackers, cheese, and dessert, and had a glass of sauvignon blanc.



After short bursts of sleep my stomach woke me up. It was almost time for breakfast, but without the certainty of a Paleo-friendly meal, I decided to have som zucchini & almond flats with butter. Turned out that I was able to choose the omelette instead of a sandwich, and that real butter and fruit rounded up a good meal. The bread roll, cake, and jam were left untouched.



In the Auckland – Sydney flight we were served a sandwich that was described by the flight attendant as having “roast chicken” inside. I accepted the tray, and peeked inside the bread. In reality it had chicken ham, with tomato and lettuce. I ate those, along with the fruit, plus some more flats with butter, and left the sandwich bread and the cake.



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