Holidays in Perú (19 July 2012, Lima – Santiago)

Nineteen days had passed too fast. I was again at the airport, this time alone (Gladys stayed in Lima for another week), very sleepy but well fed. Thankfully, because the Lima – Santiago airplane meal was a sandwich, a piece of cake, and cheese. I passed and have some tomato & basil flats with butter instead.

The people at both Lima and Santiago counters had a few issues with my check-in process, so they gave me a complimentary meal. Between breakfast and lunch I chose the latter because it meant better probabilities of Paleo-friendly food. It was 7 am and I had another sixteen hours to spend in that airport. In the first eight or so hours I walked around, did stuff in my computer, had some salt & vinegar activated almonds, coconut flakes and Vital Greens with water as breakfast, and slept a bit.

Then I went to claim my free lunch at La Sebastiana. The waiter informed me the complimentary meal was pork with mash and salad, but unfortunately the sauce had gluten. He told me I could have anything on the menu for up to 6400 pesos (around $12.70) or something more expensive and pay the difference. Within that range I found grilled chicken, which unfortunately came with no sides. I added some stir-fried veggies with olive oil and had to pay US$ 5 on top. Food was pretty average, as expected.

Grilled chicken, stir fried vegetables

Grilled chicken (6000 pesos, around $11.90), stir fried vegetables (2500 pesos, around $5)

The other eight hours were spent in the Pacific VIP room, that provides comfortable seating, computers, wi-fi, TVs, magazines, bathroom, shower, nibbles, and beverages for a fixed rate of US$ 32. Lunchtime and dinnertime are good times to stock on chow, because there are some Paleo options: chicken drumksticks, marinated olives, simple salads (iceberg lettuce & mayo, tomato & mayo). They also serve the worst sushi I’ve ever had.



At all other times nibbles are roasted and unroasted peanuts, raisins, biscuits, and mini sandwiches. There’s also a 24-hour supply of cereal, just in case you didn’t have enough sugar.



Beverages include soft drinks, alcohol (beer, wine, Scotch, rum, vodka, etc.), water, fruit juice, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

Coffee, juice

Coffee & hot chocolate, juice, water



My free lunch had been small, so I had a second lunch there with some Merlot and sparkling water.



Later on I snacked on my salt & vinegar activated almonds and coconut flakes. I also had coffee and tried some hot chocolate from the machine option labelled “Italian strong chocolate” which unfortunately was full of sugar.

Dinner was again chicken drumsticks (different seasoning), salad, and wine.



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