Holidays in Perú (15 July 2012, Lima)

It was the second Sunday of our trip and our aunties organised a family lunch at their place with a condition: they’ll pay for it but we had to do the shopping and cooking. This is because nowadays they don’t have time to prepare a special meal, and so they buy either KFC, pizza, or chifa (Peruvian-style Cantonese food), stuff that we wouldn’t eat.

So we woke up relatively early (for a Sunday, that is) and took a bus to a supermarket that is close to my aunties’. The idea was to have breakfast somewhere in that area. We looked at a few options (one of them opened at 11am for breakfast! crazy!) and we decided to try La Seño, which would translate as something like “ma’am”.

La Seño

La Seño

Turns out that the speciality there was chicharrón (fried pork served with fried sweet potato, eaten usually as a sandwich), and judging for the decoration, they do know their stuff.

La Seño

Piggies at La Seño

There was also a wide variety of food juices. Gladys ordered one with chirimoya (custard apple, which I unfortunately hate), and I
one with lúcuma, both with water instead of milk and no sugar. They were pretty sweet, so we double checked that they had not put any sugar in them. They said they didn’t, so we’ll just have to trust the fruit was super ripe.

Lúcuma juice

Lúcuma juice (S/. 10, around $3.70)

To eat we ordered 1/4 kg of chicharrón with a side order of sweet potato (we didn’t know it already came with sweet potato and salsa criolla). The extra sweet potato ended up in a doggy bag. The chicharrón was significantly better than the takeaway one we had a few days before, but it was very oily. It would have been wiser to have some hot tea instead of fruit juice to drink, but we wanted to enjoy Peruvian fruit as much as we could.

Chicharrón, camote, salsa criolla

Chicharrón, camote, salsa criolla (S/. 17 for 1/4 kg, around $6.20)

For lunch we prepared a slow-cooked Moroccan beef stew, served with steamed cauliflower & broccoli (which we ate with dollops of butter on top). Dessert was this chocolate nut torte, which makes a regular appearance in our inner circle’s important events.

That night we went for dinner with our friends Marlene (that’s the same Marlene from this lunch) and Jaime, who lived in Sydney for a couple of years. We met in the touristic district of Miraflores and decided to walk to Larcomar, a harbourside shopping centre. We went to a classic restaurant where lots of groups of (mostly female) friends hang out for cocktails or afternoon teas: Mango’s.

The usual bread was served first and enjoyed by our friends. I, on the other hand, noticed that the (real) butter was brought in individual packets and proceeded to steal a couple for my flight back to Sydney.



Because we were in the terrace the light was pretty dim, but hopefully you will be able to see what the food looked like. Jaime ordered Ensalada del huerto con pollo a la brasa (garden salad with charcoal chicken), consisting in green leaves mixed with artichoke, corn, avocado, carrot, fresh cheese and baby tomatoes, dressed with vinaigrette and topped with sliced charcoal chicken. I had a taste and it was great.

Ensalada del huerto con pollo a la brasa

Ensalada del huerto con pollo a la brasa (S/. 29, around $10.60)

Marlene said she always ordered Risotto de funghi (mushroom risotto) when it was available, and so she did. It didn’t only have mushrooms but also confit tomatoes, prosciutto and thin crunchy sheets of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Luckily for the rest of us, she doesn’t like prosciutto that much.

Risotto funghi

Risotto de funghi (S/. 42, around $15.30)

Gladys had the Pollito relleno con hongos salvajes, chicken stuffed with funghi porcini and butter, served with stir-fried vegetables. I had a bite of this tasty one, too.

Pollo relleno de hongos

Pollito relleno con hongos salvajes (S/. 32, around $11.70)

Because of all the food I had already consumed that day I ordered Ensalada Mango’s, the restaurant’s signature salad with prawns, avocado, and mango, dressed with a sesame vinaigrette. I found the sesame oil overpowering, I think I would have preferred a citrusy dressing instead.

Ensalada Mango's

Ensalada Mango’s (S/. 32, around $11.70)

As if often happens in restaurants with a great view, food was good but not great. In the end it didn’t matter because we had a lovely evening with our friends.

La Seño
Av. Las Artes Norte 414
San Borja, Lima, Perú

Miraflores, Lima, Perú
(511) 242 8110

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