Holidays in Perú (13 July 2012, Lima)

On the funeral day I woke up early and went to see mum and go with her to the wake. After a while I went to photocopy a few documents and bought some stuff for breakfast: a can of tuna and a black avocado (the skin is black, the flesh is like a regular avocado).

There was no time to have a proper lunch, so Gladys got some takeaway chicharrón (fried pork) served with fried sweet potato slices, cancha (toasted corn kernels), and salsa criolla (onion, chilli & lime salsa). It wasn’t that good but everything tastes better when you’re hungry.

Takeaway chicharrón

Takeaway chicharrón

That afternoon we headed South to the cemetery where the cremation took place. We spent the afternoon there and then took mum out for dinner to Panchita, Gastón Acurio’s Peruvian-style grill.

Upon our request, they only served bread for mum (although she shouldn’t have had it because she’s diabetic): a ají amarillo (yellow chilli) roll and a focaccia, with a herb & chilli butter and a rocoto & mushroom oil. Dunno about the breads but both spreads were delicious.

Ají amarillo bread, focaccia

Ají amarillo bread, focaccia

We ordered to meat plates to share. The Plato anticuchero came with beef heart anticuchos, chicken liver & heart anticuchos, choncholí and pancita (tripe), plus corn, potatoes, a rocoto sauce and some sort of vinagrette. All meats were delicious, the anticuchos were flavoursome and tender.

Plato anticuchero

Plato anticuchero (S/. 42, around $15.20)

The Piqueo parrillero contained chorizo (spicy sausage), morcilla (blood sausage), chistorra (a thin long sausage), kidneys and sweetbreads. A BBQ lover’s paradise.

We were served a variety of sauces: chimichurri, yellow chilli, and a mysterious creamy one.



Piqueo parrillero

Piqueo parrillero (S/. 43, around $15.60)

One of the things I love the most about Panchita (apart from the delicious food and big servings) is that it’s one of the few restaurants that still offer a salad bar, meaning that you pay a fixed amount for filling your bowl as many times as you want.

Salad bar

Salad bar (S/. 26 per person, around $9.50)

My first (and only, due to limited stomach capacity) bowl contained palm hearts, spinach, radishes, tomatoes, grated carrots, artichokes, fried garlic slices, cabbage, avocado, beetroot, quail eggs, asparagus, and mushrooms.

My salad

My salad bowl

Despite the enormous amount of food on the table Gladys felt compelled to order a serving of yellow potato chips. Well, who can blame her? Yellow potatoes are much more tasty than white ones, and make excellent chips.

Yellow potato chips

Yellow potato chips (S/. 11, around $4)

Needless to say, we didn’t finish the food and there was no room for dessert. We walked a few blocks to get some coffee but there was no room for coffee either! Food was great and abundant, service was excellent, and best of all, mum was happy.

Calle Dos de Mayo 298
Miraflores, Lima, Perú
(511) 447 8272
(511) 242 5957

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