Holidays in Perú (10 July 2012, Lima)

Breakfast on Tuesday was once again leftover beef stuffing with 1/2 avocado. That day we went to my in-laws’ for lunch. Alvaro’s mum once again did a hell of a job by preparing a feast. The meal started with pescado sudado (a.k.a. sudado de pescado) which is basically a fish soup with chillies, onions and tomatoes. It was delicious.

Pescado sudado

Pescado sudado

The buffet-style lunch included fried fish, salad, artichoke hearts, boiled quail eggs, sautéed mushrooms, and boiled cassava. Super healthy and very tasty.

Lunch at in-laws'

Lunch at in-laws’

That night I went out with my friends Katheryne and Christian from uni. Last time I was in Lima, Chris and I went to Osaka, one of the best Japanese restaurants in town. This time the chosen venue was Maido, another Japanese restaurant that is popular these days.



We started things off with some cocktails. Kathy and Chris were in the mood for classic stuff: she had a piña colada (rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream) and he had a chilcano clásico (pisco, ginger ale, bitters and lime juice, recipe here). I, on the other hand, tried something new: pecado nikkei (nikkei sin), a mix of pisco, sugar, green apple, sake, and kiwi ice. I ordered mine with no sugar but still felt it very sweet. Nice and refreshing, though.

Pecado nikkei

Pecado nikkei (S/. 22, around $8.20)

We ordered several dishes to share, starting with Sashimi moriawase, a chef’s selection of 20 cuts of fish and seafood (salmon, tuna, fortuno, scallops, and octopus). Everything felt very fresh, although I wasn’t particularly blown away by the taste. Bummer.

Sashimi moriawase

Sashimi moriawase, 20 cuts (S/. 75, around $27.50)

Next arrived the Mollejitas de ternera teriyaki a la parrilla, grilled veal sweetbreads with supposedly hot teriyaki sauce, turnip cake, orchard leaves and salsa criolla (onion, chilli & lime salsa). In a word: wow. I loved this dish, it was tasty as hell. Too bad it was so small.

Mollejitas de ternera teriyaki a la parrilla

Mollejitas de ternera teriyaki a la parrilla (S/. 29, around $10.70)

Next came the Coctel maki, a prawn cocktail turned sushi roll, with prawns, lettuce and avocado inside, golf sauce, quail egg and freeze-dried onions outside. Sounds great but once again the flavour didn’t blow my mind. Perhaps places like Toshiro’s and Osaka have set the bar too high for me when it comes to sushi and sashimi.

Coctel maki

Coctel maki (S/. 39, around $14.30)

The last savoury dish was Paiche kushiyaki. As mentioned in a previous post, paiche is a river fish that comes from the jungle of the country, with a tasty soft flesh that fortunately is widely available in Lima these days. Along with the skewers came a delicious creamy yellow chilli sauce. This dish was the star of the night, literally an explosion of flavours in my mouth.

Paiche kushiyaki

Paiche kushiyaki (S/. 25, around $9.20)

So far we were satisfied with the quality but not yet with the quantity. My friends browsed the dessert menu and decided to share the dessert degustation, which included a sample of the following sweets:

  • Yucamochi: cassava cake with pineapple & ginger, and tapioca infused in coconut milk.
  • Crocante Maido: chocolate crunchy layered cake with almonds and sesame filled with toffee, lúcuma & chocolate mousse.
  • Tofu cheesecake: with aguaymanto (a fruit), Oreo cookie crust, and pink pepper ice cream.
  • Ginger ice cream.

The waiter, who already knew I was sensitive to gluten, told me that most of the desserts were not safe for me. I did try the yucamochi and it was fantastic.

Dessert degustation

Dessert degustation (S/. 29, around $10.70)

Instead of dessert I had a refreshing second cocktail: Moradito rendidor (difficult to translate!), with pisco, borgoña grape, basil, orange juice, and peach tree.

Moradito rendidor

Moradito rendidor (S/. 21, around $7.70)

Calle San Martín 399
Miraflores, Lima, Perú
(511) 444 2568
(511) 446-2512

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