Holidays in Perú (2 July 2012, Lima)

Mr Jetlag woke me up really early on Monday night. Unable to fall asleep again, I meditated and did a bodyweight workout, then prepared breakfast. Mum had bought salchicha de Huacho, a very tasty sausage similar to Turkish sucuk. I took it out of the casing and fried it with scrambled eggs. My aunty gave us an avocado, which looked giant compared to the Australian ones and had an unbelievable creaminess.

Giant avocado

Giant avocado

Huacho sausage with scrambled eggs, avocado.

Huacho sausage with scrambled eggs, avocado

Gladys and I went to Jockey Plaza shopping centre. We had lunch at El Grifo, a restaurant that had been in my wish list for ages.

El Grifo (Jockey Plaza)

El Grifo (Jockey Plaza)

El Grifo (Jockey Plaza)

El Grifo (Jockey Plaza)

There, I had my first cebiche for the trip: cebiche El Grifo, with sole and scallops served on top of causa, with sudado jus, crunchy squid rings and onions. I asked the waiter to skip the batter in the squid, but unfortunately they didn’t only omit the gluten, but also the scallops. Still, the cebiche was very tasty, and worked well in combination with the causa (a first-time combo for me).

Cebiche El Grifo

Cebiche El Grifo (S/. 45, about $18)

Gladys was not feeling well, she had a cup of chicken and ginger consommé. Simple, tasty, and comforting. Apparently it had been thickened with yellow potato.

Chicken & ginger consomme

Cup of chicken and ginger consommé (S/. 10, about $4)

For dinner, my aunty prepared a request from us: ají de gallina, some sort of Peruvian chicken curry. It is traditionally prepared with sliced bread, milk, parmesan cheese, and walnuts or pecans. We asked my aunty to skip the bread and use cream instead of milk to make it Paleo-friendly. The result was delicious, much better than the best ají de gallina we can prepare in Sydney. The main reason, I think, is the taste of fresh Peruvian chillies.

Paleo-friendly ají de gallina with yellow potatoes

Paleo-friendly ají de gallina

El Grifo
C.C. Jockey Plaza
Javier Prado Este 4200 Surco
Lima, Perú

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