Holidays in Perú (1 July 2012, Sydney – Auckland – Santiago – Lima)

After a couple of long and stressful days of work I finished packing hoping not to forget any essential items. I boarded the plane on Sunday a.m. a bit concerned because I was travelling with a sick sister, the journey was long and one of the flights had been delayed, giving us little time for the connection. Luckily we didn’t miss any flight, but Gladys had a terrible time in the air.

This was also our first flight since going Paleo. I have had some decent Paleo-friendly airplane meals but we packed some food just in case, which came in very handy.

The snack in the Sydney – Auckland flight was a croissant with ham & cheese, a carrot cake, and some fruit. We ate the fruit along with zucchini/almond flats and raw mixed nuts.

Sydney - Auckland: Breakfast

Airplane breakfast

Sydney - Auckland: Real breakfast

Real breakfast: Zucchini & almond flats, raw mixed nuts

Dinner in the Auckland – Santiago flight was some salad, French dressing, cream cheese, biscuits, and a beef stew with rice. I had the salad with no dressing and the stew with no rice, plus a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. I also had a bottle of electrolyte water that I bought in Auckland, which I failed to notice that had added fructose.

Auckland - Santiago: Dinner

Airplane dinner

There were two options for breakfast in the Santiago – Lima flight: sandwich or omelette. Both of them came with yoghurt, bread, pure butter softened (read: ruined) with sunflower oil, strawberry jam, and fruit. We chose the omelette which had a strange taste and texture, it was more like scrambled eggs with cottage cheese. It came with a small sausage and a piece of tomato. I ate that, plus the fruit, some water and Vital Greens.

Auckland - Santiago: Breakfast

Airplane breakfast

Later on I ate some Cajun-spiced activated almonds.

Auckland - Santiago: Cajun-spiced activated almonds

Cajun-spiced activated almonds

The snack in the Santiago – Lima flight was again a sandwich, dessert and some processed cheese. I had more Cajun-spiced activated almonds instead.

After that day-long trip we arrived to our aunties’ house, who received us with papaya juice, pan-fried chicken and boiled sweet potatoes with butter. Finally, real food.

Dinner at aunties'

Dinner at aunties’

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