Bye dad

My dad passed away on Wednesday after a 5-year fight with cancer. Even when he was not a foodie and didn’t cook at all, I do have some early food-related memories with him. He loved going to the watch the bull fights, sometimes he went with his friends, sometimes he took the whole family to the plaza. Sometimes it was only the two of us and we had lunch before the fight in a nearby restaurant. We ate steak and chips, and because I was still a little girl, he cut my steak in bite-sized pieces.

Dad loved fish (I do too) so most of the times I took my parents out for lunch we went to a cebichería. This photo is from my last trip to Perú in 2010, we went to a seafood restaurant called La Red.


This time dad was already very sick by the time my sister and I landed in Lima, so we couldn’t share a meal with him as planned, but we did share some time together and that’s what matters. See you later, dad!

10 thoughts on “Bye dad

  1. Hi Gaby, I’m so sorry to hear that your Dad has died, but I’m glad that you got to go home and spend some time with it…that’s all that counts like you say.

  2. Hi Gaby! We are terribly sorry for your loss….I will remember your Dad as the great man he was….Our condolences to you and your family …

  3. Hola Gaby mi mas sinceras condolencias por el fallecimiento de tu Padre, la verdad lo siento mucho… Un abrazo a la distancia.

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