Review: Saray Pizza (Newtown)

Apparently my sister and I are experts at trying to eat at well-ranked restaurants without booking. And I’m not talking about hatted restaurants, just humble neighbourhood eateries that happen to be highly regarded among their patrons. This time we tried to dine at Sultan’s Table on Enmore Road, but it was packed. There were only a couple of tables available outside, which normally wouldn’t be an issue but in this particular restaurant the alfresco area is not that nice.

We began walking towards King Street with the hope of finding something before arriving to the territory of the known. Not that the known is bad, but the unknown is more exciting. We passed by a couple of respectable potential targets but weren’t in the mood for fancy meals. We were craving something cheap and more takeaway-like. Saray Pizza ticked the boxes. Note that the name refers to Turkish pizza (a.k.a. pide) as opposed to Italian (a.k.a. proper) pizza.

Saray looks like an ordinary takeaway, borderline between cheap + cheerful and dodgy. There was a piece of syringe on the table were we sat. However, I’ve heard my Turkish boxing instructor rave about the food there, so we decided to stay.

Saray Pizza

Eventually a waitress cleaned our table and handed us the menu. By the way, all dishes are 50 cents more expensive if you dine in. We decided to share two plates and a small serving of babaganoush. All plates come with rice or bread and salad; we asked for no rice or bread and heard no complains.

The babaganoush arrived with a basket full of bread that was left untouched. Gladys thought about offering it to the couple in the neighbouring table but we were too shy to do it. Anyway, the eggplant dip was fantastic. I wanted to order a second serving but decided to wait and see if the rest of the food was enough to fill us up.


Babaganoush ($6.50)

The first plate we ordered was BBQ lamb but the waitress misunderstood me and brought us the char grill lamb cutlet plate. It didn’t matter because it was absolutely delicious. The meat was tender, as well as perfectly seasoned and cooked. The blurry photo certainly does not make it justice. The salads were generous and tasty. I was a bit concerned when I saw the tabouleh but fortunately the amount of cous cous in it was very small, so I just ate it hoping no gluten-induced adverse effects. I tried the hommus but didn’t eat it all. I like babaganoush better.

Char grill lamb cutlet plate

Char grill lamb cutlet plate ($18.00)

The sides in the mix kebab plate (“mix” meaning chicken and beef) were the same. At first sight the meats looked had that suspicious bright colour often indicates cheap, bad tasting meals. The morsels also looked like pancita, a Peruvian street dish made with marinated and grilled stomach and intestine pieces. After digging in we were proven wrong: the meats were super tasty.

Mix kebab plate

Mix kebab plate (beef and chicken) ($13.50)

At this point we were stuffed so I had to leave the possibility of more babaganoush until next time.

Saray Pizza
18 Enmore Road
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9557 5310

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3 thoughts on “Review: Saray Pizza (Newtown)

  1. I do that all the time! Never book, then regret it when I show up, lol. The food looks pretty good for a place where people bring their syringes :s

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