Review: Tre Viet (Newtown)

Now that I don’t have much time to spend travelling to far away suburbs we’re finally getting to eat at more restaurants in the neighbourhood. One particular day the family and I landed in Tre Viet. It was almost packed except for a table at the back of the restaurant. Later I realised there was a Spreets voucher floating around, so that could be the reason. Luckily for us, a table at the front of the restaurant (with better lighting) was freed up and we moved there.

Tre Viet

We had been walking for a while trying to find where to eat so all that Alvaro could think of was something sweet to drink (now that I think about it, he seems to want that regardless of the circumstances). He ordered a “healthy drink“, which apparently turned out to be cloyingly sweet (according to Gladys). Alvaro seemed to enjoy it.

Healthy drink

Healthy drink ($4.50, I think)

As usual we ordered three dishes from a variety of animal sources to share. First came the charcoal grilled pork, which was fantastic. Yes, the salad served along with it wasn’t very impressive but who cares when the meat tastes great?

Grilled pork

Charcoal grilled pork ($17.50)

The second dish was the stir-fried beef & seasonal vegetables. A classic that can sometimes be disappointing, but not here. The meat was very tender, and the meal was tasty and satisfying.

Stir-fried beef & seasonal vegetables

Stir-fried beef & seasonal vegetables ($17.50)

Our final dish was the grilled barramundi with chili & lemongrass. My first impression when it arrived to the table was “shit!, it’s crumbled”. I called the waiter and I was wrong, those crispy bits on the fish were the chili & lemongrass. Once again, minimal veggies on the side but overall a good-tasting and decently sized dish.

Grilled barramundi with chili & lemongrass

Grilled barramundi with chili & lemongrass ($20.50)

I wouldn’t go as far as proclaiming it the best Vietnamese restaurant I’ve been to (especially because I’m not an expert), but it was not bad at all.

Tre Viet
152/154 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9516 5500

Tre Viet on Urbanspoon

5 thoughts on “Review: Tre Viet (Newtown)

  1. I walk past here all the time, but with Rice Paper and Thanh Binh both so close, it never seems to get our attention. The pork looks fabulous. I wish I’d known there was a voucher as well!

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