Review: Thai Pothong (Newtown) (2)

Another get together with friends brought me once again to Thai Pothong. I’ve eaten there at least a handful of times, for me a Guiness record. The first time was when Alvaro and I arrived in Sydney for the first time. We hadn’t had much Thai food back home (and none of it cooked by Thai people) so it was basically our first “real” experience. We really liked it. As we tried more and more restaurants we realised that it wasn’t that good. It’s a very nice restaurant with generally good service but food-wise it’s not that great, IMO.

This time I thought I ordered the right dishes but unfortunately it was a big disappointment. The green papaya salad with prawns was not very tasty. I was hoping for a fresh concoction of crunchy and fresh elements but it was a bit chaotic and not very pleasing to the palate. It had very few prawns, but I should have expected that given its price.

Green papaya salad

Green papaya salad ($12.90)

The BBQ octopus was average to say the least. What they could have described as “charcoal scent” I considered a burnt taste. Those thin strips on top of the octopus that look like sprouts were raw ginger, a big shock to the tastebuds. This dish was smallish, too, but again the price wasn’t very high.

BBQ octopus

BBQ octopus (entrée size $10.90)

I think I would have been very upset if this was a foodie outing, but it wasn’t. It was a special occasion to share with friends and it was time well spent.

Thai Pothong
294 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9550 6277

9 thoughts on “Review: Thai Pothong (Newtown) (2)

  1. With the amount of Thai restaurants in Newtown I’d at least expect one of them to be fantastic. Unfortunately, for me, not one of them comes close to matching the food you get in Thailand. Thai Pothong prides itself in being Sydney’s “best Thai” and it seriously makes me wonder what demographic of Sydney’s population gave it such an accolade. It’s average, at best

  2. I agree with John, I find it so irritating that they have ‘Sydney’s Best Thai Restaurant’ across the window but this was an award they won in 2001 I believe. The standards have really dropped since I first went there in 2002 and my last visit was definitely my last. Really terrible food and frustrating service.

    A friend recently recommended Bai Tong Thai in Tempe as a great example, but if I’m eating Thai in Newtown, it will more than likely be from Atom Thai.

    1. Yeah, I was going to say the same thing about that award. I’d classify that as misleading publicity. I haven’t been to Atom Thai yet, I kinda thought it was the same as all the others. Will give it a try sometime, thanks!

  3. Almost went to the Marrickville branch last night. Thankfully the lack of diners inside persuaded us otherwise.

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