Review: Rice Paper (Newtown)

My sister’s birthday was 3 weeks ago. Man, I’ve gotta catch up with this blogging thing! Anyway, Gladys did a bit of research to choose where to have dinner that day, and the winner was Rice Paper.

The Vietnamese restaurant is no longer a novelty in King Street, and it seems to have survived the probation period. It lays in that sweet spot between the cheap and the fancy, although the service doesn’t always keep up to par with the decor.


We had already chosen our mains when I saw the coconut prawns in the entrés section of the menus. Tiger prawns battered with coconut flour and fried until golden.. sounded too good to miss. Gladys, Bonnie, Alvaro and I ordered a serving to share. The prawns were good, huge in size and tasty, although a little bit on the dry side.

Coconut prawns

Coconut Prawn ($10)

The birthday girl had studied the menu and decided what to order beforehand (yes, she’s like me in that sense). Her choice was the Vietnamese chicken curry, chicken marinated in special spices, lemongrass and cooked with coconut cream, sweet potato & carrot. It was one of my options as well. Unfortunately, the curry was very bland.

Vietnamese chicken curry

Vietnamese Chicken Curry ($19)

Alvaro and I shared our dishes as usual. Meal number one was the caramelized pork & egg in clay pot, slow cooked with coconut juice, special spices and served with Vietnamese pickles. Sounds great, no? And it was. The sweet sauce and the tender pork meat were very flavourful.

Caramelized pork & egg in clay pot

Caramelized Pork & Egg in Clay Pot ($20)

Dish number two was the deep-fried whole fish, served with green apple or mango and dressed with garlic and ginger sauce. The market price for the day was reasonable and the waiter assured me it was not battered in flour. When it arrived to the table, I realised it had a crust and was about to panic, but upon double-checking with the waiter he told me it was potato starch. The fish was great, crunchy, meaty, tasty, and big enough for our big appetites.

Deep-fried whole fish

Deep-fried whole fish (MP – $40)

Bonnie ordered the seasonal vegetables stir-fried with king prawns in garlic & oyster sauce. She was happy with her dish, especially because of the amount of prawns in it.

Stir-fried prawns w/ vegetables

Stir- fried Prawn w Vegetable ($21)

Because neither of us had rice, we thought we would need some kind of side. We ordered the seasonal steamed vegetables, served with garlic soy dipping sauce, which we didn’t really need given the generous size of our mains. We still ate them, of course.

Seasonal steam vegetables

Seasonal Steamed Vegetables ($13)

Other dishes ordered at the table where the cube beef steak (wok-fried marinated beef steak in garlic & pepper sauce) and stir-fried vegetables & tofu (vegetables & tofu stir-fried with garlic sauce).

Cube beef steak

Cube Beef Steak ($20)

Stir-fried vegetables & tofu

Stir-fried Vegetable & Tofu ($13)

Gladys made a Paleo carrot cake iced with whipped coconut milk and topped with shredded coconut that was simply delicious. Dense, moist and with the perfect amount of sweetness.

Paleo carrot cake

Paleo carrot cake

Rice Paper
131 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 8065 7271

7 thoughts on “Review: Rice Paper (Newtown)

    1. Hey Dolly, basically Paleo = no grains/legumes/dairy/refined sugar/seed (vegetable) oils. If memory serves, this cake had carrots, almond meal, eggs and a bit of honey.

    1. The green apple was definitely there but I think we didn’t get any mango (or it was so little I couldn’t eat any). The tomatoes were particularly underwhelming.

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